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Bangalay is one of the newest student residence for UOW and welcomed students for the first time in Autumn session, 2017. Located on Northfields Avenue, adjacent to the existing Graduate House and just across the road from the Wollongong campus, this residence features modern facilities, landscaped outdoor communal areas, recreation areas, study and meeting facilities.

Culture and style of Bangalay 

Students will love the convenient location and the modern facilities of Bangalay.  All residents here can easily access the on campus cafes, retail outlets such as the supermarket IGA, the UOW sporting complex UniActive and the beautiful university grounds.  Not to mention how easy it is to attend lectures when you are living on campus.  Families with children will enjoy the family friendly facilities, the proximity to the local childcare KidsUni and the facilities at the adjacent Botanical Gardens.

Bangalay has been designed for post graduate students, mature age students (over 21) and students who are studying at UOW with their families.  The units are a mix of single bed studios, double bed studios, two bed and three bed family units. For the two and three bedroom family units, preference will be given to families with children, with a maximum of two children per room. For additional children, residents are required to seek prior permission.  Please see the About Your Bangalay Room page for more information about how rooms and units are allocated at Bangalay.

In addition to the great facilities, students living in this community benefit from the highly supportive wellbeing, social and cultural programs that are offered to all students living in residences. 

About the name - Bangalay

Bangalay is the Dharawal name for the Eucalyptus botryoides, sometimes known as the Mahogany or Stringybark. These Eucalypts (or Gum Trees) are common to the Illawarra area and are known for the rough sturdy bark on their trunks and branches. The tree has many uses for Aboriginal people, and significantly the bark was used by Aboriginal people to provide shelter for huts. Other uses were for medicine, as a painting surface and the flowers attract native bees. UOW Living considers providing robust shelter and support for its students as core to its mission. We are honoured to be able to acknowledge the language and culture of the Dharawal people in naming this UOW Living residence Bangalay.

Car and motorcycle parking

There are a limited number secure car spaces available at Bangalay.  Limited car parking permits can be purchased through the Accommodation Services Portal via an online ballot system, which will open early in the year.  More details will be made available once you receive your accommodation offer.

Car share

Share cars are available to students living at  Bangalay.  The cars are cheap to use and take the hassle and expense out of running your own vehicle.  They are regularly cleaned and maintained to make it easy for you to pick up a car and go!  Use the car for running errands, getting your groceries, heading to the beach or exploring the area with your friends. Find out more about car share.

Bike share

The bike share programs are available at Bangalay now. The bikes make a great alternative to needing a car in Wollongong. Cycling is a great way to get around, with bike paths close by and bike parking on campus and at your residence.  Visit bike share for more information and to find out how the system works. 

General parking information 

UOW encourages alternative transport and encourages staff and students to access the Wollongong public transport system or to take advantage of the many cycling options available. Shuttle buses are frequent and the route travels into the Wollongong CBD.





Unican L1

Located across the road from the main campus
Self catered
Furnished units with private kitchen, living, and bathroom facilities
All rooms have wifi access in 2018
52 week contract