How we differ


How we differ

UOW Living provides a range of living options that suit differing budgets and living needs.  We are also continuing to grow to meet our students’ needs with an additional 800 beds from 2018 in brand new modern, self-catered facilities that are on campus. 

But it’s not just providing beds that we excel at.  The wellbeing and safety of our students is where we really make a difference with our world class support programs and our extensive range of wellbeing, cultural, social, sporting and academic programs that are available to all students living in the residences.  This is what really sets us apart.

Here are some examples:


The ‘Alcohol Accreditation’ Program, UniCAN, is a national initiative between AlcoCups and the Asia Pacific Association for Student Housing Officers (AACUHO) to Change Alcohol Norms. The program aims to create and implement a holistic behavioural change model in universities to reduce alcohol related incidents and promote responsible drinking.

Institutions participating in the program work through three levels of accreditation. UOW Living is one of the first student residences in Australia to be awarded Accreditation from UniCan in all sites, with Marketview receiving the highest level of accreditation, Level 3. Kooloobong Village, International House, Weerona and Campus East have been upgraded to Level 2 accreditation and Bangalay, in its first year of operation, has received Level 1 accreditation.

The Accreditation program comprises a set of national standards for university residential service providers to achieve and maintain with three levels of accreditation. The behaviour change of the UniCan Alcohol Accreditation Program is achieved through initiatives such as facilitation of events and activities that do not involve alcohol, implementing an education and awareness program in residences to change cultures and attitudes, ensuring there are adequate resources and support services available to students, and by raising awareness amongst students and staff.

UniCAN All


ResPass is an adaptation of the well known academic support program PASS . It’s been tweaked for implementation in a student residence environment.  In what we believe is a world first, the ResPASS program has been highly successful at Marketview and is now being offered at the other UOW residences. 


Positive psychology

Kooloobong Village is the world’s first positive residence, planned and run entirely on the science of positive psychology and positive organisations. The vision of having every student flourishing while living at UOW is firmly supported by the combination of wellbeing and education. This is executed through the Live Out Loud program, which is based on a range of tools and activities guided by experienced staff who are committed to this vision.

Wheel Of Wellbeing

Last reviewed: 31 August, 2018