Waste management


The chemical waste store is located outside the western end of building 15 and accepts chemical waste for disposal every 2nd WEDNESDAY from 9am to 11am (excluding public holidays).

  • Biohazardous waste is collected from the Building 35 loading dock, B41 Anatomy Lab, B32 waste compound and B70 every second THURSDAY morning. Waste is collected at approximately 8:30am. Please ensure waste is presented before Wednesday evening to guarantee collection.
  • All Hazardous waste is removed from the Wollongong Campus the MONDAY after the chemical store is open (every 2nd MONDAY). To make special collection arrangements eg. from labs or workshops, you must; submit a waste tracking log to the chemical store attendant the day before the collection, nominate someone to be available during the collection, and accept costs associated with lengthy collections or specialised handling or treatment.   

Ordering hazardous waste labels

To order hazardous waste labels follow the steps below:

  1. Select the type of label you wish to order in line with the type of waste that you are disposing of from the list below
  2. Email the two completed forms (Print and Distribution Services Requisition Form & Hazardous Waste Label Order Form [doc] [pdf]) to Print and Distribution Services

Need more information? Please contact Environmental Services on 3081.