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WHS committee contacts

In line with the WHS Committee Constitution, the Committee shall consist of employee nominated members, union nominated members and employer nominated members. These members, and their alternates, are named below.

Employee nominated members

PositionCommitee MemberExtensionAlternate MemberExtension

Group 1:
Accommodation Services Division
Facilities Management Division

Brent Michell 8108 Aaron McGrath 3594
Group 2:
Library Services
Information Management and Technology Services
DVC Education/Senior DVC
Dhammika Ruberu 4573    

Group 3:
Faculty of Business and Law
Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

WHS Committee Chair

Cathy Bale 5158    

Group 4:
Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute

Dr Celine Kelso 4804    
Group 5:
Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Australian Institute for Innovative Materials
Wayne Ireland 4724 Tim McDonald 3814

Group 6:
Safe@Work Representatives

Catherine Troman


Michelina Weatherall  4969

Union nominated members

PositionCommitee MemberExtensionAlternate MemberExtension

Community and Public Sector Union

Lisa Simmons 4854 Dr Lili Yu 3203
National Tertiary Education Union Dr Gai Lindsay 3250    

Employer nominated members

PositionCommitee MemberExtensionAlternate MemberExtension
Chief Operating Officer Damien Israel 4620     
Director (Acting) - Human Resources Division Chelsea Hampel 4470 Lisa Ucles 3798
Director - Facilities Management Division Kathleen Packer 3905 David Low 3081
Executive Manager - Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) Dr Kellie Ridges 3055    
Academic Representative - Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences A/Prof Neaz Sheikh 3009    
TBA - Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health VACANT      
Executive Dean Representative Rotating Basis N/A    

Ex-officio members

PositionCommitee MemberExtensionAlternate MemberExtension
WHS Manager Darren Smith 3204 Neil Ryan 5907
WHS Advisor Tori Parker 3870     
WHS Advisor
WHS Committee Secretary
Kristy Adams 3134    
WHS Officer Ryan Cole 4616    

Other attendees

PositionCommitee MemberExtensionAlternate MemberExtension
UOW Pulse Sam MacDonnell 8041 Georgie Kelso   
UOW Global Enterprises VACANT      

If you require further information, please call ext. 5902 (press option 5 for WHS)