NRMA Meeting Points

NRMA Meeting Points

To improve safety for drivers who may experience an unfortunate breakdown of their motor vehicle we have, in conjunction with the NRMA, identified meeting places for Roadside Assistance on campus. These are in addition to the long-term existing meeting place in Northfields Avenue, located between the Building 11 entrance and the Bus Bay.

When calling the NRMA nominate one of the following meeting places:

ID# Building Location
1 Building 1/UniCentre Carpark near Security Telephone
2 Building 13 near Security Telephone
3 Western Carpark near Security Telephone
4 Building 40 Bus Stop near Public Telephones
5 Building 11 Northfields Avenue

Signs are provided at each meeting point with an identification number. The identification number assists the NRMA in locating driver and vehicle.

After selecting a suitable location, the NRMA can be contacted by using the Security Telephone located at the meeting point – all except Building 40 (Meeting Place 4) which, at the present time, only has a public telephone.

 Map of NRMA meeting locations at Wollongong Campus  (pdf) 

Last reviewed: 1 May, 2018

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NRMA Meeting Point Locations


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