Identifying UOW Security Officers

UOW Security employs both male and female Security Officers. All Officers are licensed security operatives as required by the NSW Security Industry Act, and maintain a current senior first aid certificate and undergo specialised training.

Security Officers are required to wear a photographic security licence along with an UOW Authorised Person Identity Card with photo identification. Should any person approach you stating that they are a Security Officer and the above cards are not presented, contact the Security Office Operations Centre immediately.

The Security Officer uniform consists of a yellow and navy shirt, with the words "UOW Security" screen printed in navy blue on the back.

The front of the shirt bears the words "Security" on the right side. On the left side are the words "Authorised Person, UOW Access & Order Rules". The shirt is worn with navy combat trousers with pockets. A black equipment belt is also worn.

UOW Security licensing

University of Wollongong
Master Licence No: 407370903
NSW Security Industry Act 1997

Note: UOW's approved Security Contractor is SNP Security
Master Licence M/L No: 400674602