Bike Safety

Bikes on campus

Bike roadworthiness

Riders should check the roadworthiness of their bikes by checking the following at a minimum:

  • Check tyre treads are roadworthy
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check brakes
  • Check gearing
  • Check batteries in head and tail lights are charged
  • Check helmet
  • Check gloves
  • Check eye protection
  • Check water bottle

 Bike maintenance stands are available at Wollongong campus with air pump and tools near building 20 and on the Jugglers Lawn.

Bike riding safety tips

When riding during the day always:

  • Wear on your head, a fitted correctly, approved helmet
  • Ensure a working horn or warning bell is affixed to the bike
  • Ride safely
  • Slow down and exercise caution when around pedestrians
  • Sound your bell if approaching pedestrians, particularly when travelling from behind pedestrians who may not see you and may be startled

When riding after dark always:

  • Turn on your front headlight and rear red lights
  • Wear bright clothing or a safety vest

Stay hydrated:

  • Make sure that you take in water/fluids regularly when riding
  • This is particularly important on warmer/hot days

Follow the Road Rules:

  • Observe road rules
  • Observe additional rules of road for bike riders
  • Observe general safety of others around you
  • NSW Road Rules can be located at the Roads and Maritime Services website

See also Roads and Maritime Services website on Bicycles

Bike security

Depending on the value, bikes are often see as very attractive items and Wollongong Campus experiences the theft of bikes throughout the calendar year.It is important that you secure your bike to a bike rack and that you use a quality tamper proof or bolt cutter resistant lock.  

For tips on bike security visit the UOW Bike Security webpage


Last reviewed: 5 October, 2017

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