The Wollongong Campus is a short ride away from Wollongong CBD and many surrounding suburbs. It can be quicker to ride your bike than drive to campus, particularly during peak periods of session. Courteous and safe cycling is important to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. Cyclists may share paths with pedestrians, or use the ring road.

Getting started

Wollongong cycling maps
laptop email Mailing list
Woman riding bike at north wollongong beach Plan your cycling route

Cycling facilities

Students with bikes at the secure bike base Bike bases
Bikes on bike rack Bike Racks
bike repair station at Building 20 Maintenance and repair station
Bikes available via the Bike share Bike share

Bike safety and security

cycle route direction sign Ride safely
Beware magpies swooping sign Report cycling hazards
A bike secured with a D-lock Bike security
An electric bike Electric bike charging