Sustainable transport

UOW encourages staff, students and visitors to use active and public transport to get to the Wollongong Campus. Nearly 50% of commuters to the campus walk, cycle, or use public transport instead of travelling in a car (2019 transport survey results). 

 The Wollongong Campus Master Plan 2016-2036 set targets to:

  • Increase active and public transport journeys (e.g. walking, cycling and bus)
  • Reduce demand for parking
  • Reduce traffic congestion

 The targets for 2020 – 2036 are:

  • 50% private transport (e.g. car or motorcycle)
  • 32% public transport (e.g. bus or train)
  • 19% active transport (e.g. walking or cycling)

To achieve these targets, we have developed a Transport and Access Action Plan.

The Action Plan establishes priorities and tasks relating to transport, parking and access.  Progress towards the targets is measured through headcount and parking surveys.