Bike bases

Bike Bases are undercover and CCTV-monitored rooms where you can lock up your bike and access end-of-trip facilities.


Bike bases are located at:

  • SMART (building 6) - inside at the north western corner of the building - enter on the ground floor from the northern side.
  • Arts (building 19) - at the south-east corner of the building near the car park.
  • Early Start (building 21) - under the building on the north eastern side - access via car park or internal stairs.
  • Building 29 - outside the building at the western end, adjacent to the P4 car park. 
  • Building 32 - under the building at the southern side - access via the car park.
  • Building 39 - western end of the undercover carpark.
  • Sciences Teaching Facility (building 43) - access via the car park under the building. 

Showers are available at all locations either inside the bike base or nearby.

Apply for access

Bike Bases are free to use for staff and students, you just need a UOW access card. If you don't yet have an access card a one time payment of $20 is required.

Complete the online application form to apply to

  • add a bike base or change access to a bike base on an existing access card (no payment required)
  • purchase an access card and apply to access a bike base (online payment of $20 is required). 

Refer to the Bike Base Access Terms and conditions (PDF).

Please note that while the University cannot accept responsibility for items lost or stolen from the bike bases, there are CCTV cameras in place, and card access to the rooms can be traced to the cardholder. UOW recommends that you lock up your bike and do not leave other valuables in the bike base. Please report any incidents immediately to UOW Security.


Lockers are available for cyclists in the bike bases in buildings 6, 19 and 21.   Keys may be obtained by filling out the application form (PDF) and taking it to the UniShop.

Lockers cost $20 per year, plus an initial $60 deposit. 

Lockers are available on a first come first served basis. Please read the terms and conditions of use on the back of the form.

Short term lockers are also available in the Sports Hub building near the showers. Contact UniActive (02 4221 8133).