Recruitment advice

Application overview

  1. Advertisement and position description
    The advertisement provides a broad outline of the position. There will be a link to a detailed position description within the advertisement.
  2. Submitting your application
    Applications are submitted online. Our system will allow you to create your own personal profile and store your resume and any other attachments, ready for submission by the advertisement closing date.
    Applications generally require completion of an online questionnaire and a resume. You may also wish to submit a covering letter. However, you should carefully read the advertisement to for all submission requirements. See also: User guide for external candidate (PDF)
  3. Confirmation of receipt
    After you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been successfully received.
  4. Interviews
    If your application is shortlisted, you will be contacted (generally within 3-4 weeks of the advertisement closing date) to arrange an interview.
  5. References
    Reference checking is part of our process. If you attend an interview, you should be ready to provide contact details for your most current referees.
  6. Offer of employment
    If you are the successful candidate you will receive a formal offer of employment from UOW.

If you have any questions about the process, contact us on + 61 2 4221 4494 or email

Application and interview tips

Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you prepare an application for a job at UOW.



Some important things to consider when writing your resume are:

  • Tailor your resume to the position for which you are applying
  • Use simple style and clear formatting
  • Use bullet points/concise wording to highlight responsibilities and achievements you have had within each job
  • Explain any extended absences from the workforce

What to include

Your resume should include the following information:

  • Contact details: full name, address, phone numbers, email address
  • Career objective: a brief statement about your career objectives
  • Qualifications: listed in chronological order of the year completed, starting with the most recent and the institution
  • Employment history: listed in chronological order, starting with the current or most recent. You should include:
    • Start and end date of employment
    • Position title
    • Organisation
    • Responsibilities
    • Key achievements
  • Relevant training
  • Professional memberships

If you are applying for an Academic job then you should also include the following:

  • Publications: listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent
  • Research activities and interests: listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent
  • Research outputs

Online questionnaire (selection criteria)

You will be required to answer a series of questions based on the selection criteria for the job (located in the position description). These questions should be answered carefully, considering the following:

  • Your response to each question should directly address your related experience to demonstrate your suitability for the job
  • Be sure to break down the elements within each question and provide examples of how you meet each criteria. The following model may be useful (STAR):
    • Situation: explain the context and challenges of the situation
    • Task: what was your aim
    • Action: what did you do
    • Result: what was the result
  • You may wish to quantify your achievements - in terms of cost or time savings, impact, increases in productivity, simplified processes
  • Include goals and achievements from previous performance or development reviews


Interviews are an opportunity for you to find out more about a job and for UOW to find out more about you. Here are some basic tips to help you prepare.


Being well prepared will help you feel more confident and relaxed at interview. Your preparation should include familiarising yourself with the position description.

Before your interview you should do the following:

  • Review your application and be ready to discuss it's content
  • Be ready with examples of your experience for the selection criteria (located within the position description)
  • Research the relevant work area
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to get to the interview and familiarise yourself with the location
  • Dress appropriately - business attire unless advised otherwise
  • Prepare any questions that you may wish to ask at interview including questions about the job or conditions

At the interview

The interview panel will generally include the supervisor/manager of the job, representative/s from within the work area and representative/s external to the work area.

During your interview:

  • Relax and be confident, be yourself
  • Listen to questions carefully. Take time to think about your responses and ensure that you answer the question you are being asked, giving examples
  • Keep your answers clear and concise
  • If you are unclear about a question, clarify it or ask for it to be repeated

Cover letter

A cover letter is not mandatory. However if you wish to include one, here are some tips:

  • It should be no more than 1 page
  • Use clear font size and type
  • Ensure you include the title of the job you are applying for and the reference number
  • Give a brief description of relevant skills, qualifications and experience that relate to the job
  • Include your contact details

Application process

Q. Do I need to complete an application form?

No. There is an online questionnaire that you will be asked to complete after you hit the 'apply' button.

Q. When will I need to provide evidence of my qualifications?

If you have certified copies of your qualifications then you should include it with your application. If you don't then you will be asked to provide original evidence of professional and/or academic qualifications during the recruitment process. We may verify these qualifications with the issuing institution.
Academic positions only: please include a list of published material in your application. Copies of the publications are not required.

Q. When should I provide my referee details?

You can provide these details in your application, but we will confirm the details if you are required for an interview.
Normally reference checking will include your current and previous supervisor.
Academic positions only: we may also obtain a written reference from your referees prior to the interview, which we will confirm with you.

Q. Where can I park when I come for the interview, and will I need to pay?

Consult the campus map prior to the interview.
There are public transport options available to assist you in getting to UOW.
You may be required to pay for parking which is on a per-hour basis. Refer to parking at UOW.

Q. How many people are on the selection committee?

The number differs depending on the position. You will be told of the composition when you are invited for an interview.

Q. I know someone on the selection committee, what should I do?

Let the Recruiter know if you have a business or close personal relationship with any member of the selection committee. This will not hinder your application.

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