Grammar modules

“The course has been valuable in improving my understanding of grammar in the new curriculum, it has given me greater confidence with implementing it in my writing programs and I can see how it also links into reading lessons.”

“I really enjoyed learning in a different forum. I found the new way of online learning very interesting.”

“I am interested in the other two modules in the unit. Could you forward any information or advise me on whom I could contact?”

“Thank you for your email. After the enrolment and having access to the course Moodle, I have found the course is really for English. I am teaching technology and computing subjects. However, I am just happy to have enrolled in this course, which I have accessed to the useful and interesting materials and helped my grammar further.”

“I do not seek for the accreditation hours as I did not complete the assignment but happy to have paid for the course.”

“I enjoyed the module. Pauline is great, answers questions, includes everyone - and takes into the consideration the opinions of the participants with less experience as well as the experienced teachers.”

“The delivery time was convenient, also not having to travel made it more accessible and time effective. Implementing a lesson and the opportunity to share lessons being planned made it relevant to my current classroom practice.”

“Learning about different teaching techniques and implementation of new curriculum.”

“I enjoyed the fact that I could be studying from home and that I as a temp could access the professional development as often Principals do not allow non-permanent staff to attend professional development due to budget constraints. The discount for Teacher’s fed members was also great.”

Mentoring and professional standards

“The module made me more aware of AISTL and how they relate to PST. It also gave me great focus and understanding that I can share with other supervising teachers in my school. As well as understanding the roll of mentoring a PST.”

“I gained a better understanding of expectations for both the mentor and mentee in terms of assistance.”

“The module gave me a forum to discuss the Professional Teaching standards and allowed me to better understand how this links with mentoring. I found the course easy to complete and very supportive.”

“I enjoyed the professional readings and making connections with the research. The module guided me to reflect on my practice as a PEx coordinator and how I might be able to improve the PEx experience at a school level. Although there were no face-to-face components, I still felt some connection to other module participants through the Adobe Connect session and through viewing posts from other participants. There was some deep reflection on alignment to the standards which was good. The work around mentoring and productive mentoring practices was also good. I was particularly interested in reading about Learning Communities and this will impact my future thinking in this area with respect to PEx. I guess, in a nutshell, this module has helped me to reflect on how we cater for the needs of pre-service teachers at a school level and it has provoked self-reflection into how we might do this even better in the future.”

“Flexible delivery mode, allowed me to do this in my own time. Opportunity to share learning and experiences with others.

“I really enjoyed participating in this module. The enthusiasm and level of support from UoW staff was very much appreciated. I would love to make this module compulsory for all teachers at my school who want to mentor a pre-service teacher for any PEx placement. It would reinforce the importance of the mentor teacher role and highlight what constitutes a quality mentor for a quality PEx placement. I found this module a fabulous reflective tool and I got a lot from it. Thank you!”