The academic activist incubator

The Academic Activist Incubator is a UOW network bringing together an interdisciplinary group of established and emerging scholars whose academic work in the humanities, creative arts, media and technology studies, policy, and social and natural sciences is primarily concerned with issues of justice/injustice, power, and the exercise of agency.

Academic activism, known variously as academic advocacy and applied academia, may address issues of class, gender, race and/or ethnicity, multispecies relationships, and other issues concerning identity, representation and cultural formation – in isolation or as intersecting axes of oppression, exploitation and/or opportunity.

The aims of the Incubator include identifying and supporting these research, teaching and policy/governance initiatives taking place at the University of Wollongong, seeking cross-disciplinary opportunities for collaboration, and sharing knowledge, contacts and skills. It is open to all those who consider their academic work to be activist-, advocacy- or justice-oriented, taking place on a local, regional or international scale.

Academic Members