Animal studies

Our research is focused on non-human animal life and the cultural, social and political human dominated frames in which animals live (and die).

From species extinctions, to conflicts over introduced animals and the lives of pets, so-called ‘ferals’ and ‘livestock’, animals are everywhere yet rarely prioritised as subjects. Animal studies prioritise the ‘animal’.  Here at UOW, we have a long-standing commitment to the field of Animal studies, including being the home of the Animal studies journal; and with 2 of our members (Melissa and Fiona) being past Presidents of the Australasian Animal Studies Association, and also previously Series Editors of Animal Publics (now Animal Politics) at Sydney University Press.

Doctoral Fellows

  • Elena Filipzcyk “Deer on Yuin Country”
  • Charlie Jackson-Martin  “Caring for Animals: Restorative justice and moral repair”


Specific Projects

Professor Fiona Probyn-Rapsey and Professor Lynette Russell ARC Special Research Initiatives Grant “The Cultural Impacts of Introduced Animals”

Melissa Boyde,  Animal Studies Journal: Volume 12, Number 2 (2023)