University of Deusto

Universidad de Deusto - Deusto Business School

City: San Sebastian
Country: Spain
Language of instruction: classes taught in English and Spainish
About: The University of Deusto is a Spanish private university owned by the Society of Jesus, with campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastián, and the Deusto Business School branch in Madrid. The University of Deusto is the oldest private university in Spain. The university is headed by the love of wisdom and the desire to learn and inquire rigorously scientific methodology and the structure of reality. Therefore it seeks excellence in research and in teaching. Simultaneously seeks the formation of free competent professionals, those endowed with knowledge, values and skills that enable them to engage in individuals, responsible citizens and promotion of knowledge and the transformation of society.

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  • Suitable for exchange:
    • Business (1st – 4th Year)
    • Some Communication and Tourism Courses
    • Spanish as a Foreign Language
    • Basque Language & Basque Culture (specially organized for exchange students)
    • Courses on Culture, Society and Heritage in Spain and in the Basque Country (specially organized for exchange students).
  • Course catalogue
  • Credit load: minimum 24 ECTS per semester, maximum 30 ECTS per semester.