SOLS Menu Explained

SOLS Tutorial Enrolment Instructions

  1. The Basics
  2. New class (tutorial, practical, seminar, workshop etc)
  3. Class swap/transfer
  4. Class withdrawal

1. The Basics

Different Devices

Depending on what device and version of SOLS you are using, some of these screens in the below examples might appear a little differently.


you can only log into SOLS from one device or computer at a time. Multiple log in's will log you out of your session.


Toggle View

If you are using a mobile device, you can click the ‘Toggle Mobile / Desktop Version’ to switch between a mobile friendly version of the timetable and the full version.


No Tutorials

If you seen the following message when you click on your tutorial enrolment link:

"The subjects that you are enrolled in aren't currently setup to use the SMP OnLine tutorial system. Tutorial Enrolments generally don't open until a couple of weeks before session starts. To view tutorial information or other tutorial enrolment system links, visit the Timetable website."

It’s likely that the faculty has not set up your tutorials for your subject yet, or in some rare cases, are using a different system for tutorials other than SOLS. Contact the Faculty/Department for details on class opening times.

2. New Class Selection

Tutorial 1


1. Take note of the date and time when first enrolments open. Click here to make your selection once they are open.
Talk to your Faculty/Department if your classes are not appearing, if classes are all full, or have already closed. All information can be found on the ‘Timetable and Classes’ page

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 3


2. The information here will also display the first date and time that enrolments open, and the date and time they will close. 

3. Use the previous button to return to the previous screen.

4. Using the colour codes above the calendar, find an available class in yellow and click it to make your selection.



5. Confirm your selection with the Enrol Now button.

3. Class Swap / Transfer

To prevent you losing a place in the class, you can swap / transfer your enrolment to a different date/time by following the instructions below:

Tutorial Withdraw


1. Select the class which you would like to swap.


Swap 1


2. Click the 'Transfer' button.


Swap 2


3. Using the colour codes above the calendar, find your preferred available option in yellow and click it.


Swap 3

4. Confirm your transfer.


Swap 4


5. You will see a confirmation of the change on the next page.


4. Class Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw from a tutorial completely (probably very rare!) follow the steps below:

Tutorial Withdraw


1. Select the class you wish to withdraw from.


Tutorial Withdraw 1


2. Click the 'Withdraw' button.


Tutorial Withdraw 2


3. Confirm your withdrawal.


Tutorial Withdraw 3


4. Confirmation of the change will appear on the next screen.

Last reviewed: 15 July, 2015