UOWx Award

UOWx Award

In addition to the UOWx Record, you can achieve the UOWx Award – a mark of an extraordinary graduate.

The UOWx Award makes you stand out to prospective employers as the significant involvement in co-curricular activities demonstrates the skills, leadership experience and personal attributes that prepares graduates to contribute positively to society and the workplace.

To be eligible for the UOWx Award, you must complete the following:

UOWx Award Framework 

Step 1: Undertake a minimum of five co-curricular activities*

You must undertake a minimum of five co-curricular activities and this must include at least three different learning streams.

As you complete the activity, you will need to log your involvement on the program’s online Moodle site. The relevant program coordinator will need to approve the claimed hours.

The minimum number of hours required (per calendar year) for each activity can vary. UOWx recognises the following activity types:

1. Role

This applies to a student who is recruited into a volunteer, paid or compensated role, that contributes to the delivery of a University or Community based program/project.
For UOW students studying at the Wollongong Campus: each role needs to include a minimum 20 hour commitment.
For UOW students studying at the Regional Campuses: each ‘on campus’ activity needs to include a minimum 15 hour commitment and each ‘community volunteering’ activity needs to include a minimum 20 hour commitment.

2. Program Participant

This applies to a student who voluntarily participates in or completes a University program or project. All students would need to complete a minimum of 10 hours in the program.

3. Memberships and Other Co-curricular Activities

A student who is engaged in other ‘one-off’ co-curricular activities including club/society membership. As per the requirements of the ‘one-off co-curricular activity. 

Step 2: Attend a minimum of five seminars/workshops

Throughout the course of your study, you will need to actively participate in five seminars, conferences and/or workshops. To be eligible for recognition, each seminar must:

  • cover at least 2 hours of content;
  • offer an introduction/briefing that provides the background knowledge/context; and
  • address a minimum of three development areas.

If you're unable to attend a face-to-face seminar, you also have the option of completing an online seminar or MOOC. The online seminar must meet the same eligibility requirements as the face-to-face seminars. Providers such as EdX, Coursera and Future Learn offer a fantastic range of courses that can develop your leadership, academic or employability skills.

In order to have your active participation recognised, you will need to complete the Seminar Recognition form. You will be required to explain how the seminar developed your skills and provide verification of your attendance/completion. This could include a registration invoice/participation certificate or verification letter from the seminar provider. Please note that attendance at UOWx Interactive Seminars will be recorded at the event and directly added to the UOWx Record.  

Step 3: Complete the UOWx Reflective Piece

By participating in such a breadth of co-curricular activities and attending a range of seminars, you will have gained significant knowledge and experience that you can showcase to future employers. The final step towards the UOWx Award is the completion of the Reflective Piece, a series of questions and activities that allow you to think through and articulate your learning.

Once you have completed the activity and seminar requirements, you can contact the UOWx team to receive further information regarding the UOWx Reflective Piece. Please note that the Reflective Piece can only be completed in your last session of study, as you need to draw from all of your co-curricular experiences to complete it effectively.

All reflective piece submissions are due Sunday, 5th November 2017. By submitting your Reflective Piece, you will be applying for the UOWx Award.


Last reviewed: 12 October, 2017