The handbook homepage features

Use the Handbook homepage (pictured right) to search the Handbook for your course, subjects and any minors, majors or specialisations offered in your course. There is also an Advanced Search option that is explained in more detail. Other useful features on the home page include:

  • A Pre-2021 Handbooks link, which will take you to the Handbooks for students who commenced their course before 2021.
  • A Timetable link, which takes you to the subject Timetables and Classes webpage.
  • Links to other useful university webpages, such as the Current Students webpage.
  • The bookmark feature at the top right of the page, allows you to quickly find Handbook pages you visit frequently and save as your favourites. Note this feature will only work if you are using the same device or computer and using the same browser. 

The lower half of the Handbook homepage will:

  • Display handbook pages that you have recently viewed
  • Allow you to browse the Handbook by Faculty or by Study Area. You may use this if you are looking for elective or Minor options within a particular Faculty.
  • Provides more links to other useful and frequently visited university webpages.