Course handbook user guide

What is the Handbook?

The Handbook is where you can find important information about the requirements to complete your course.  It will include the subjects you need to complete, any minors, majors or specialisations offered, the order in which you should take your subjects, and any other requirements or rules specific to your course.

Which handbook you should follow?

You need to follow and complete the requirements of the handbook from the year you commenced your course. 

If you commenced your course in 2021 (or later years):

  • Use the new handbook to view the requirements of your course, subjects, and any minors, majors or specialisations. This Guide provides instructions on how to use the new handbook.

If you commenced your course prior to 2021:

You can find your course handbook here. You will still need to use the New Handbook to find information about your subjects that is specific to the year and session you take the subject. This Guide will help you do that

What is in this user guide?

How to use:

Still have questions?

If you can’t find what you are looking for in this guide you can check the Course Handbook FAQs.

If you have trouble using the Handbook, or have questions about your course you can also email