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Eligibility to graduate

You will be eligible to graduate if you:

  • have completed all requirements for your degree

  • have no outstanding fees or fines owing to the University. Unpaid fees or fines must be cleared 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the graduation ceremonies. (This does not include your Graduation Fee, which will be applied later - usually about a week before the first ceremony).

Deferred and supplementary exams

  • if you need to take a supplementary or deferred exam, you will not be eligible to graduate

Confirmation of eligibility

Your final eligibility to graduate will be confirmed via the 'Graduation Confirmation and Eligibility' link on SOLS after the finalisation of results (approximately one week before the date of the first ceremony). Refer to the Graduation Key Dates to see when exactly you will be sent the eligibility confirmation.

Higher degree research (HDR) candidates

HDR degrees will be eligible to graduate once the candidate satisfies the Thesis Examination Committee’s resolution. Candidates must then submit to the Graduate Research School a digital copy of the final thesis and a Digital Repository Form completed by the candidate and principal supervisor.

Weighted Average Mark calculations (WAM)