Graduation FAQs

COVID-19 Update: 2020 graduation

In response to government advice regarding social distancing measures, the University's graduation ceremonies planned for 2020 have been cancelled.

These cancellations do not impact official conferral processes. All students applying to graduate must continue to do so as per normal processes.

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Most frequently asked questions about graduating

If you cannot find an answer to your query below, please feel free to contact us.

Applying to graduate

What’s the difference between applying to graduate and attending a graduation ceremony?
You need to apply to graduate to effectively finish your degree and receive your official documents (your testamur, transcript and Australian Higher Education Statement) and use any title or post nominals you have received as a result of your studies. In the process of doing this, you can choose whether you would like to attend the graduation ceremony; which involves dressing in academic dress, celebrating with your family and friends and being presented to the University's highest officials.

I do not wish to attend the ceremony, do I still need to apply to graduate?
Yes, you still need to apply to graduate to ‘finish’ your degree and receive your official documents.

My SOLS isn’t working, how can I apply to graduate?
Email if you require a password reset.
Alternatively, you can use your student ID card barcode to login, then click on the Graduation Application link in SOLS. If neither of these options work for you, you can contact Student Central.

HDR student faqs

Are you a Higher Degree Research (HDR) student, completing a PhD, PhD Integrated or a Masters by Research/Master of Philosophy? will need to apply to graduate. For more information view the HDR faqs (PDF).


If I sit a supplementary or deferred exam, will I still graduate and receive my official documents?
If you have to sit a supplementary or deferred exam, your results will not be finalised in time to meet critical conferral and graduation deadlines. This means you will have to apply to graduate in the next available round. Then, once your degree has been conferred, you will be able to receive your official academic documents.


I am not attending the graduation ceremony. Do I still need to pay the graduation fee?
No, you only need to pay the graduation fee if you've elected to attend the ceremony.

How and when do I pay my graduation fee if I am attending a ceremony?
There are a number of ways you can pay your graduation fee if you are attending your ceremony. Details are sent via SOLS approximately 10 days before graduation with information about the various ways to pay your fee. See the fees webpage for more information.

The graduation ceremony

I have not received a notification confirming my graduation ceremony. What do I do?
Check the key dates to find out when confirmations will be sent out. If it is past the confirmation date, and you have checked your SOLS, but still have no confirmation, contact Student Central.

How long do the ceremonies take?
Graduation ceremonies can take between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on the number of students in the ceremony.

What happens on the day?
To find out what happens on the day of your Graduation go to Your Graduation Day: Wollongong Students or Your Graduation Day Shoalhaven Students

Can I attend a different graduation ceremony to the one I am allocated?
No. You can only attend the graduation ceremony allocated to your faculty in that graduation round. Unfortunately there are no exceptions to the graduation schedule.

Can I attend a graduation ceremony at a later date?
No. You can only graduate in the ceremony allocated to your faculty in the round you apply to graduate in.

I am an international student and my visa runs out before my graduation ceremony. What can I do?
If you wish to attend your scheduled graduation ceremony, it might be possible for you to apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa or a Bridging Visa for International students. Find out more via the Department of Immigration website.

I do not wish for my details to be publicly available (in the graduation booklet, graduation roll on the UOW website and the Illawarra Mercury media channels). What do I do?
Please contact the Graduation Team at least one week prior to your graduation ceremony and all efforts will be made regarding your request. Contact 42213733 or

Guest tickets

Where do I get my tickets?
Tickets are distributed to graduating students at the registration desk before each ceremony.

Are extra tickets available?
Extra tickets are not available. In fairness, each student is allocated up to 3 tickets on the day. The Hall has a strict limit on the number of people that can be safely accommodated inside, and once this limit is reached, no more guests will be admitted.

Academic dress

Does the graduation fee include hiring of the academic dress?
Yes, the graduation fee covers the cost of hiring a gown and hood. You get to keep your trencher (hat) or bonnet (PhD students only).

When do I collect the academic dress?
If you are hiring your academic dress you collect it once you have registered on the day of your ceremony.

Official documents

Can I get my hardcopy documents earlier than outlined?
No. All hardcopy graduation documents are posted to students and cannot be obtained any earlier.

If you complete your course in November, your hardcopy documents will be sent to you by the end of January in the following year.

If you completed your course in July, your hardcopy documents will be sent to you by the end of August.

Your documents will be sent to you by DHL Couriers. Visit the official documents webpage for more information about DHL and delivery.

What happens if I don't receive my official hardcopy documents?
Please contact who will investigate the tracking details for your documents if you haven't received them within the specified timing above.

Will I also receive digital academic documents?
From December 2018, UOW will be issuing digital academic documents to onshore graduating students through My eQuals, a secure third party platform that allows universities to host and authenticate digital documents, and students to access and share those documents with third parties.

Through My eQuals, UOW will digitally issue transcripts, testamurs, Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS), as well as UOWx Awards/UOWx Records (where relevant).

When can I expect to get my digital academic documents?
Digital academic documents will be issued slightly earlier than your hardcopy testamur. For students graduating in July (Autumn session) and December (Spring session), you can expect to receive your digital documents by August and January respectively.

How do I access my My eQuals digital documents?
When your documents have been issued, you will receive an email notification from to the email address you nominated in your SOLS graduation application. If you don’t nominate an email address, your UOWMail account will become the default email for your My eQuals notifications and registration/login.

The first time you are issued with a digital document, you will be asked to register for a My eQuals account. You must register using the same email address that the notification was sent to. Once you have registered, you will receive a second email, requiring you to activate your account – this must be done within 24 hours of receiving the second email, otherwise the activation link will lapse and you will have to start again.

We have developed some simple user guides, with step by step instructions on how to register or log. You can find them on the My eQuals webpage.

Once you have registered and activated your account, you can log in to view, share and download your documents. The help section on the My eQuals portal has useful information that can help you navigate the portal’s functionality.

What happens if I haven't received my digital documents?
If you don’t receive an email notification from in the timeframe specified above, you should:-

Check your junk mail box.

If it’s not in there, contact the Student Service team in Student Central – they can check the email address and either fix it or change it and resend the email notification(s) to the updated/amended email address.

How much will digital academic documents cost?
Digital academic documents will be issued for free to graduating students from December 2018 onwards.

Once issued, digital academic documents, generally, should not have to be re-issued. There may be circumstances, however, where you might need a document to be re-issued. If this is due to an error, and that error is by UOW, then we will correct that error and re-issue the document free of charge. If this is due to another reason (legal change of name, marriage etc) then the re-issue may incur a fee. A full list of fees relating to digital academic documents can be found on the fees website.

Where can I find out more about My eQuals?
Visit the My eQuals page for more information on digital academic documents.

To find about more about the My eQuals portal, visit the My eQuals website.

To find out more about viewing and sharing your documents on My eQuals, visit their help site.