Graduation FAQs

Refer to the topics below for answers to frequently asked questions about graduation. If you can't find an answer to your query, please contact us.

Applying to graduate

You must apply to graduate in order to have your course conferred. Conferral is the process of 'officially validating' or finishing your course.

Once your course is conferred, your official documents will be posted to you and also issued digitally via My eQuals. You can also commence using your qualification, title and post-nominals.

When you apply to graduate, you can choose whether you would like to attend a graduation ceremony. A ceremony involves dressing in academic dress, being announced and presented to the University's highest officials, and celebrating with your family and friends.

You can find out more about what's involved in a graduation ceremony on the your graduation day webpage.

Yes, you still need to apply to graduate in order to have your course conferred and receive your official documents.

Students who wish to apply to graduate must submit their application via the 'Graduation Application' menu in SOLS.

Visit the SOLS help webpage for information on accessing SOLS, including how to reset your password.

Alternatively, you can use your student ID card barcode to login.

If you are still having issues, please contact Student Services.

If you have to sit a supplementary or deferred exam, your results will not be finalised in time to meet critical conferral and graduation deadlines. This means you will have to apply to graduate in the next available round. Then, once your course has been conferred, you will be able to attend a ceremony (if you choose) and receive your official documents.

Due to the timing of graduation ceremonies, if you appeal your marks/results you will not be able to attend the July ceremony.

Please ensure you submit your application to graduate for Spring conferral. Applications open for Spring conferral on 2 August.

Graduation fee

No, you only need to pay the graduation fee if you've elected to attend the ceremony.

If you elect to attend a ceremony, the graduation fee will be available in SOLS by the date advertised on the graduation key dates.  There are a number of ways you can pay your graduation fee  - please refer to the fees website for payment options.

Yes, the graduation fee covers the cost of hiring your academic dress, including gown and hood. You will also be given a trencher (hat) or bonnet (PhD students only) to keep.

Enquiries regarding the purchase of academic dress may be directed to the Unishop.

Please note that if you purchase your academic dress, you are still required to pay the graduation fee.

Official documents

No. All hardcopy official documents are posted to students and cannot be obtained any earlier.

Refer to the graduation key dates for information on when you expect to receive your documents. 

Hardcopy official documents will be sent to you by DHL Couriers. Visit the official documents webpage for more information about postage.

Check the graduation key dates for the date you can expect to receive your documents. If the date has passed, please contact Student Services who will investigate the tracking details for your documents.

Yes. Digital official documents are issued to UOW graduates via My eQuals.

Digital documentation includes:

  • Transcripts
  • Testamurs
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS); and
  • UOWx Awards and UOWx Records (where relevant).

For more information visit the official documents webpage.

Digital official documents will be issued slightly earlier than your hardcopy documents. Refer to the graduation key dates for information.

For information about accessing My eQuals, visit the My eQuals website.

If you haven't received an email from, check your junk mail box.

If you haven't received an email by the date listed on the graduation key dates, please contact Student Services who can check the email address listed and resend the email.

Digital documents will be issued free of charge to graduating students.

Once issued, digital official documents, generally, should not have to be re-issued. There may be circumstances, however, where you might need a document to be re-issued.

If this is due to an error, and that error is by UOW, then we will correct that error and re-issue the document free of charge.

If this is due to another reason (legal change of name, marriage etc) then the re-issue may incur a fee.

Find out more on the official documents webpage.

Visit the My eQuals page for more information on digital official documents.

To find about more about the My eQuals portal, visit the My eQuals website.

To find out more about viewing and sharing your documents on My eQuals, visit their help site.

Graduates will be issued an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) via My eQuals.

AHEGS is a Commonwealth initiative that has been introduced to make Australian qualifications* more widely recognised internationally.

The Graduation Statement includes information about the award, the awarding institution and the Australian higher education system, providing potential employers and other institutions a greater understanding of the achievements of the graduate.

UOW provides its graduates with a Graduation Statement in addition to a Testamur and Academic Transcript. The template for the UOW Graduation Statement is based on nationally agreed specifications approved by the Department of Education.

Graduation Statements may assist Australian graduates in obtaining employment or pursuing further education abroad.

*Australian qualifications are based on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The AQF comprises a set of national qualifications (i.e. awards), titles and descriptors, and also specifies the main criteria for defining qualifications based on the general characteristics of learning outcomes at each level.

All qualifications awarded by registered higher education institutions must comply with the AQF.

For more about your qualification go to information on the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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