Other non-tuition costs

At UOW, you may need to pay for other costs associated with your degree, such as textbooks, equipment, printing, criminal record checks or vaccinations. The following prices are a guide for what you could expect to pay.


The following prices provide a guide on what you could expect to pay for textbooks in UOW’s study areas*. For specific textbook costs please visit UniShop.

Students may also be able to borrow textbooks free of charge from UOW’s Library, subject to meeting borrowing requirements. For more information, please refer to the Library website.

Accounting, Finance and Economics $98.99 - $244.50
Biological Sciences $28.96 - $220.00
Business $20.57 - $154.95
Chemistry $10.34 - $198.95
Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering $73.95 - $257.95
Computer Science and Software Engineering $52.95 - $215.00
Earth and Environmental Sciences $24.99 - $233.00
Education $13.00 - $232.95
Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering $68.00 - $241.95
Engineering and Information Sciences $60.95 - $365.00
Health and Society $19.95 - $294.00
Humanities and Social Inquiry $13.95 - $306.95
Information Systems and Technology $106.95 - $197.95
Law $18.00 - $324.95
Mechanical Materials and Mechatronic Engineering $65.86 - $365.00
Medicine $92.95 - $313.00
Management, Operations and Marketing $42.95 - $276.00
Mathematical and Applied Statistics $20.30 - $187.95
Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health $24.99 - $333.00
Physics $13.81 - $225.50
Psychology $22.99 - $285.00
Sydney Business School $70.95 - $212.00
The Arts, English and Media $12.99 - $126.95

*Price range current at 23 November 2022 and are subject to change without notice.


The following prices provide a guide on what you could expect to pay for other equipment required for your degree*. For specific costs please visit UniShop.

Lab coats $29.95
Medical gown $22.95
Safety glasses $5.95

Uniform - Nursing

Pants $46.75
Shirt $56.25


Range from $19.95 - $105.00

Scientific $27.50
Financial $89.99
Tax and business $24.99

*Price range current at 23 November 2022 and are subject to change without notice.

National Criminal Record Check

For students undertaking clinical placements, and for some degrees, students are required to undergo a National Criminal Record Check. There is a cost associated with obtaining a Criminal Record check and it is the responsibility of the student to meet this cost. Refer to the NSW Police website for current costs.

International students will need to provide a police certificate from their home country or any country they have resided in, or a signed statutory declaration with no convictions or pending charges.

Working with Children Check

A Working with Children Check is free for volunteers or students over 18 on professional placement. For more information refer to the Office of the Children’s Guardian website. 


NSW Health requires students undertaking clinical placement in health facilities to be compliant with certain vaccinations to ensure the safety of both students and patients. Students must comply with these requirements at their own cost. For more information refer to the NSW Health Clinical Placement website.

Photocopying and printing

A4 black and white

10c per single-sided sheet

19c per double-sided sheet

A4 colour

45c per single-sided sheet

89c per double-sided sheet

A3 black and white

20c per single-sided sheet

39c per double-sided sheet

A3 colour

90C per single-sided sheet

$1.79 per double-sided sheet


4c per single-sided sheet

Casual copy cards $5.00