Cities and Transportation

SMART Cities and Transport uses a wide range of tools, like modelling, optimisation, simulation and data analytics to create the cities of tomorrow by addressing the challenges of today. The SMART Cities and Transport research theme comprises of two research groups:

Smart Cities & Communities

The Smart Cities & Communities research group uses data-driven models and multi-disciplinary approaches to explore how cities can create more liveable neighbourhoods, open spaces and work places.

The Smart Cities & Communities group aims to provide data-driven analysis and modelling on the liveability metrics of our cities. Areas covered include parks and green space, tree coverage, sanitation and recycling, health and well-being, walking and cycling promotion, transit opportunities, safety and accident prevention, housing and work place balance, or other metrics as chosen by collaborators. The creation of Smart Cities is a dynamic area of study, and one that will change as technology improves and citizens see the benefit of data gathering. Over time, the technology to measure will improve, citizens may wish for other options, and the entire work package will be reinvestigated. The Group aims to be both responding to, and these changes in the cities of tomorrow.

Group lead: Cole Hendrigan 

Future Transport & Mobility

The Future Transport & Mobility research group focuses on the rapidly growing area of next-generation transport system and urban mobility.

The Group aims to reshape people’s travel behaviour and practically improve transport systems in the era of connectivity, sharing, big data and smart cities by using a wide range of advanced tools, like modelling, optimisation, simulation and data analytics. One particular focus of our research group is to facilitate electric vehicle (EV) uptake in Australia (much lower than other developed countries) by providing optimal vehicle operation strategies and corresponding infrastructure planning. Other areas of research include Traveller Choice Behaviour Modelling, Transport Network Modelling and Optimisation, Optimisation of Transport Systems using Data-driven Approach, and Smart Cities with Smart and Sustainable Transport.

Group lead: Bobby Du