WIGL News & Events 2012

WIGL News & Events - 2012

First surface area measurements - 31 October 2012

Today we are running the first measurements of surface area on the new Quantachrome autosorb iQ2, thanks to help from Peter Barras (Scientific Solutions)

WIGL Quantachrome autosorb iQ2

Liquid nitrogen training - 05 October 2012

Zach (picture), Ashley, Davide and Tony successfully completed the liquid nitrogen training... and prepared delicious ice cream.

WIGL Liquid nitrogen training

Fieldwork in north Queensland – August 2012

Ashley, Tony and Allan Chivas spent two weeks in north Queensland sampling fluvial sediments, alluvial deposits and rocks from catchments of rivers that drains into the Gulf of Carpentaria (Leichardt, Mitchell, Gilbert, Einasleigh, Palmer, Flinders rivers).

The aim is to:

  1. Create a database of the parent rock geochemistry;
  2. Determine how fast modern sediments are transported in these rivers, each one being influenced differently by Australian summer monsoon;
  3. Study continental sedimentary deposits to re-construct how fluvial activity has varied in the past, and compared with deposits from the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Here’s a map showing the location of collected samples. As you can see, it’s been a busy time!

View Carpentaria rivers in a larger map