Laser Chemistry Laboratory

Laser chemistry laboratory

The Laser Chemistry Laboratory houses multiple laser and mass spectrometry based experiments that probe the fundamental chemistry and spectroscopy of radicals and ions in the gas-phase, aerosol droplets and surfaces.

Techniques include:

  • single microdroplet laser spectroscopy
  • gas-phase ion-molecule chemistry
  • photoelectron spectroscopy (velocity map imaging)
  • photodissociation action spectroscopy

There are three academics building capabilities within this facility with two PostDocs, 7 PhD students, 4 Honours students and numerous RA and undergraduate research projects underway.

For more details and research, publication and student projects see the Trevitt Research Group page.

We are grateful for the funding support from the following:

  • ARC Discovery
  • CoE for Free Radical Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • University of Wollongong, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, and the School of Chemistry



  • Quanta Ray Pro + Sirah Cobrah Stretch
  • Quanta Ray Indi + GWU OPO
  • EKSPLA Picosecond (30ps) Nd:YAG 10 Hz
  • Continuum Minilite x 3

Mass spectrometers:

  • Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos
  • Thermo Scientific LTQ Classic


  • Andor Shamrock 550 + Newton CCD