Automated Instrument Mount

Automated Instrument Mount

AIM has been designed and built by the CAC in collaboration with Illawarra Automation and Control (IAAC Pty. Ltd., Unanderra, NSW). AIM has been developed to mount our Open Path FTIR onto a heavy duty tripod to allow alignment of the instrument to multiple distant mirrors. Software allows for continuous measurements of the multiple measurement paths allowing a higher level of information capture. Although AIM has been designed for our Open Path Instruments, it would be suitable for any application requiring computer control of the orientation of an instrument to multiple targets with a high degree of repeatability.

The AIM is capable of holding instrumentation up to 45 kg in weight. Movement is 350 degrees in the horizontal and +/-15 degrees in the azimuth. Movement resolution is 1mm @ 100m using the pre-set step interval. The AIM unit is controlled through an interface box using in house written software on a PC, either as standalone software or integrated to the software controlling our open path FTIR. The software provides the ability to align the instrument to up to 6 measurement positions plus home position. The AIM unit weighs~15 kg, operates on 240 V and a power consumption of ~500W.

Extensive testing and field deployment have proven the systems pointing accuracy and repeatability. A unit has been sold to Alberta University in Canada and has received very positive feedback about its performance.

AIM is a commercial enterprise between CAC and IAAC. For further information about AIM please contact Travis Naylor, Graham Kettlewell, Dr Frances Phillips, or Prof David Griffith.

Automated Instrument Mount in the field