Anatomy Laboratory

The University of Wollongong Anatomy Laboratory was established in 1992, enabling students of Medicine, Medical Health Science, Exercise Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, and Education to learn about the anatomy of the human body.

Currently, the anatomy laboratory caters for over 500 students each semester and is a vital component of subjects ranging from basic human anatomy and physiology to neuroscience and medicine.

The laboratory consists of two teaching areas: one large open plan area catering for 60 students participating in both wet and dry practicals, and one tutorial room seating 20 students in an informal classroom setting.

Laboratory hire

External hire

The Anatomy Laboratory is available for hire to external groups such as high school classes as part of their PDHPE curriculum, TAFE classes, groups from ESSA, Sports Medicine Australia and private massage colleges. Hire time is available during session (determined by current subject load), out of session and weekends.

If you would like to hire the facility please complete the online application form. For all enquiries regarding external hire of the facility, please contact:

Internal hire

The Anatomy Laboratory is also available for hire to groups within the University of Wollongong who need to study anatomy. If you are working within UOW and are interested in hiring the Anatomy Laboratory for your class, please complete the form below and return to

Anatomy Laboratory Hire Form for Internal Applicants [doc 142kb]

Volunteer dissection

The Anatomy Laboratory offers University of Wollongong students with exemplary results the chance to participate in volunteer dissection. This opportunity allows students to further develop their knowledge of anatomy.

This volunteer program is now a part of UOWx. Students who are accepted into the volunteer program will be given an opportunity to work in a small group and further develop their knowledge of anatomy while learning the art of dissection under the supervision of trained Anatomy Laboratory technical staff. If the minimum requirements are met, students will obtain a UOWx transcript upon their graduation.

Introduced in 2015, the Anatomy Laboratory Volunteer Dissection program is a fantastic opportunity for the staff to teach high achieving undergraduate students anatomy through the process of dissection, as well as the skills needed to complete a specimen. You will develop a deeper respect for the generous donors to UOW, gain effective communication skills required when working as a team and learn more about WHS and laboratory policies and procedures.

For more information on this program please visit the UOWx Website or email

Private study

Private Study is a privilege offered by the Anatomy Laboratory exclusively to students of UOW Graduate School of Medicine. Private Study hours are available during scheduled GSM Anatomy practical classes. The Anatomy Laboratory has a strict operating schedule, which allows for the accommodation of large numbers of students requiring access to the laboratory. Access to the laboratory is therefore subject to availability and laboratory staff have the right to accept, reject or postpone your booking to ensure there is no disruption.

Students wishing to carry out private study must fill out the private study booking form, at least 48 hours in advance. You will then receive a confirmation email from laboratory staff in relation to your booking. Please note late bookings may not be processed and bookings are subject to availability.

Students must have signed the Private Study Agreement to attend and must treat specimens with dignity and respect at all times. Students must leave the space as they found it.

Students recognise that private study outside of class time is a privilege and as such any violation of these conditions may result in the suspension of this privilege for themselves or their study group.

Our staff

Alix Jamieson 
B. Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice) 
Anatomy Technical Officer
Office: B41.G65
Phone: +61 2 4221 4352

Scott James
B. Medical Health Science (Hons) 
Anatomy Technical Officer
Office: B41.G65
Phone: +61 2 4221 4342 

Christine Wilson
Senior Technical Officer/Team Leader
Office: B41.G65
Phone: +61 2 4221 3279

Dr Darryl McAndrew
Anatomy Licensee
School of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences 

Contact us

Anatomy Laboratory 
Phone: (02) 4221 4342