Training costs will include the hourly charges of the instrument plus the charge for staff assistance.

Users not affiliated Australian Academic Institutions must pay an additional 45% overhead.

Charges will commence at the time reserved on the Scheduler. The starting time and ending times typically cannot be changed after the session starts. The ending time of a session may possibly be changed by contacting the Facility Manager.

Training for the Tecnai T-12 generally lasts 12 hours depending on the ability of the student. The length of the training period is designed so that the student can develop a moderate level of expertise, independently run the instruments, and handle them without causing any costly damage.

It is required that all training be given by the Facility Manager. Additional training for the Vitrobot, Arctica and Krios can be provided to approved advanced customers.

The Manager will determine if the customer has the necessary skills to use the instruments without supervision during business hours (M-F 9am - 5pm).

Access on a 24-7 basis will be authorized once the Manager has determined sufficient expertise. Typically 30 hrs of independent use of the T-12 will be sufficient to gain 24/7 advanced customer access.

Additional information on training may be found on the links above.

Additional regulations may be found on in the rules section above. Failure to follow these conditions may result in the revocation of use privileges.

For example - Training for the Talos Artica:
Access to the FEI-Thermo Fisher Arctica and Krios microscopes are reserved for approved projects using frozen vitrified samples that require the use of a direct detector, the precision of the compustage, and the coherence of a Field Emission Source. Use of the Arctica must be approved and requires hiring a Facility staff member to run the microscope. Expert users with additional training will be allowed limited access to the Arctica. Loading of the samples into both the Arctica and Krios will be performed by staff.