Equipment and resources

The Animal Facility has five procedure rooms, including:

  • two with Class II Biosafety Cabinets
  • one with a cytotoxic drug safety cabinet
  • one extra-large surgical room with dedicated recovery space
  • and one animal imaging room

All procedure rooms are equipped with reticulated oxygen and CO2 gas and animal weighing scales.

The Animal Facility has five dedicated behaviour testing rooms, all of which are equipped with a flexible camera railing system to enable filming of various behavioural tests.

One room has access to hot and cold water, and two rooms are equipped with desktop computers and behaviour analysis software.

The behavioural testing suite is located at the far end of the animal facility, away from any noise generating areas so as to minimise disruption to behavioural testing.

The Animal Facility houses a Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum CT In-Vivo Imaging System for live imaging of small animals, cell plates, or other approved biological samples.

The IVIS Spectrum CT offers 2D and 3D imaging capabilities as well as integrated low-dose micro CT for longitudinal studies. This enables simultaneous molecular and anatomical non-invasive imaging of small live animals up to approximately 250g.

Usage charges are applicable.

The Animal Facility is equipped with:

  • two small animal anaesthetic machines
  • induction chambers
  • face masks
  • recovery chambers
  • and heat mats.

We also have a heated face mask with rectal temperature probe for controlled heating to prevent hypothermia.

The Animal Facility has a number of shared pieces of small research equipment available for booking. This includes:

  • micro centrifuges
  • heated water baths
  • animal warming cabinet
  • compound microscope
  • animal weighing scales
  • surgical equipment
  • and thermometers.

We also have a limited amount of consumables available for purchase including:

  • needles and syringes
  • swabs
  • anaesthetics
  • and animal medications.

Animal facility staff are highly experienced in common laboratory animal techniques and can assist you with any animal handling, sample collection, injections, and surgeries. Utilising this service benefits animal welfare and sample integrity. Charges may apply.

Researcher using equipment in the surgery procedure room
Wash room within the animal facility laboratory