Animal welfare and ethics

Animal research at UOW is governed by the institutional Animal Ethics Committee.

All research is conducted in accordance with Animal Welfare Codes and Legislation.

Further information, including our animal use statistics and Annual Report Summary can be found on the UOW Animal Ethics page.


We have implemented a number of initiatives that allow us to better support animal welfare and facility operations. These include:

  • Development of an electronic Animal Records Management System for tracking and recording animal experiments and animal welfare
  • Development of an online Clinical Scoresheet Generator to better observe animal health
  • Development of an online booking and communication system to allow researchers to plan their experiments in consultation with Animal Facility staff
  • Using non-animal training methods such as animal mannequins and artificial veins
  • Rehoming ex-research animals at the conclusion of research wherever possible
  • Participating in seminars within the Faculty in order to promote openness and transparency
  • Participating in industry conferences and scholarships in order to enhance our knowledge about ethical animal research
Researcher holding a mouse
Holding room in Animal Facility Lab