About us

Our Animal Facility houses rats and mice in state of the art enclosures that allow animals to live in groups and perform their natural behaviours.

Each rodent cage is individually ventilated to provide fresh, filtered air to each animal.

Cages are furnished with

  • bedding
  • nesting material
  • shelters
  • chew blocks
  • and occasionally wheels, swings, and shelves for added complexity and stimulation.

All rat cages also contain a second storey to allow jumping and climbing.

Animals are cared for by our team of dedicated staff who hold tertiary qualifications in animal science and animal technology. Our team is supported by our on-site Veterinarian.

Animal Facility staff are responsible for monitoring animal health and wellbeing, cleaning animal enclosures, sterilising equipment, ordering consumables, training researchers in animal techniques, and conducting procedures on behalf of researchers.


We welcome collaboration with other areas of the University, and external institutions, where appropriate.

Researchers with current Animal Research Authorities chan discuss their access and training requirements with the Animal and Environment Facility Manager.

Behaviour room laboratory
Researcher in the procedure room lab