Acknowledge us

As part of the terms and conditions of use of the EMC, all users, supervisors and project leaders are requested to acknowledge the use of particular facilities in all their written communications and oral presentations.

User acknowledgement is an important metric by which the performance of the EMC is judged and it enables the EMC staff to continue supporting users and expanding the range of services and capabilities that can be provided.

Please include the following acknowledgement(s) in all outputs which involve the use of EMC facilities and staff.

The acknowledgement may take the following forms:

  • The authors acknowledge use of facilities within the UOW Electron Microscopy Centre.
  • The authors acknowledge use of the facilities and the assistance of (Name of EMC staff member/s) at the UOW Electron Microscopy Centre.
  • This research used equipment funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant (ARC-LEIF Grant number)  located at the UOW Electron Microscopy Centre.

ARC-LIEF Grant numbers for the specific microscopes:

  • JEOL JEM-ARM200F: LE120100104
  • JEOL JEM-2011: LE0237478
  • JEOL JSM-7001F: LE0882613
  • FEI NanoLab G3 CX: LE160100063

All supervisors/project leaders using EMC facilities and staff are requested to email a complete list of their publications to Professor Elena Pereloma, Director, EMC at the end of each calendar year.

Reminder emails requesting these details will be sent out in January.