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Our people

The ISEM team

Professor Xiaolin Wang
Director/Distinguished Professor
Phone:  +61 (2) 4221 5766
Email: xiaolin@uow.edu.au

Associate Professor Germanas Peleckis
Assistant Director/Associate Dean of Research - AIIM
Phone: + 61 2 4221 5728
Email: peleckis@uow.edu.au

Associate Professor Kosta Konstantinov
Head of Postgraduate Study
Phone:  + 61 2 4221 5765
Email: konstan@uow.edu.au

Senior researchers

Research Fellows

Honorary Fellows

  • Dr Wenping Sun
    Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Md Shariar Hossain
    Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Mohammad Rejaul Kaiser
    Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Zhen Li
    Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Ji Liang
    Honorary Fellow

Visiting Fellows

  • Dr Yan Wang
  • Dr Sanga Han

Dr Dongqi Shi
Senior Instrument Scientist
Phone: + 61 2 4221 5727
Email: dongqi@uow.edu.au


Dr Tania Silver
Email: tsilver@uow.edu.au

Mrs Crystal Mahfouz
Administration Officer
Phone: + 61 2 4221 5730
Email: clongin@uow.edu.au 

PhD students

  • Mustafa Al-Qurainy
    Thesis Title: Synthesis & Study Structural & Electrical of H gs.5P bs.5-*Sb*Ba2-rS rrCazCu gOs*6 Thinfilm Superconductors
    Supervisor: Prof Alexey Pan
  • Wafa Afzal
    Thesis Title: Magnetic topological materials
    Supervisors: Prof Xiaolin Wang & Dr Zhi Li
  • Jumlat Ahmed
    Thesis Title: Efficiency Improvement of Thermoelectric Module using Appropriate Electrode and Fabrication Process for Power Generation Application
    Supervisors: Prof Yusuke Yamauchi & Dr Sima Aminnoroaya
  • Samuel Michael Battenally
    Thesis Title: Embedded System for Wireless Communication Technology
    Supervisors: Dr Khay Wai See & Prof Shi Xue Dou
  • Lei Chen
    Thesis Title: Novel Functional Materials
    Supervisors: Prof Xiaolin Wang & Prof Zhenxiang Cheng
  • Jiayi Chen
    Thesis Title: Development of new catalysts for water splitting
    Supervisors: Dr Wenping Sun & Prof Shi Xue Dou
  • Jing Cuan
    Thesis Title: Nano Porous Particles Mediate for Efficient Hydrogen Release and Sustainable Hydrogen Storage of BN-based Hydride
    Supervisors: Prof Zaiping Guo & Prof Hua Kun Liu
  • Qining Fan
    Thesis Title: Development of novel 3D hybrid catalyst materials toward efficient conversion of energy
    Supervisors: Prof Zaiping Guo
  • Florian Gebert
    Thesis Title: Research on electrolyte for Sodium ion battery
    Supervisor: Prof. Shi Xue Dou & A/Prof Shulei Chou
  • Alaa Hamed Hamood
    Thesis Title: Influence of micro- and nano-patterning on superconducting thin films
    Supervisor: Prof Alexey Pan
  • Gao Hong
    Thesis Title: Synthesis and electrochemical properties of WO3 nanocomposite
    Supervisors: Prof Zaiping Guo & A/Prof Jun Chen
  • Jian Hong
    Thesis Title: Energy storage materials
    Supervisors: Dr Zhenguo Huang, Prof Hua Kun Liu & Prof Zaiping Guo
  • Fanar Ali Husseinjawdat
    Thesis Title: Nano materials fro energy storage
    Supervisor: Prof Jungho Kim, Prof Shi Xue Dou & Dr Andrew Nattestad
  • Yahua He
    Thesis Title: Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Novel Functional Materials
    Supervisors: Prof Xiaolin Wang, Prof Zhenxiang Cheng & Prof Shujun Zhang
  • Jicheng Jiang
    Thesis Title: Study of advanced materials for Li-ion batteries
    Supervisors: Prof Jiazhao Wang & A/Prof Konstan Konstantinov
  • Antony Jones
    Thesis Title: Superconductivity in Unbalanced Systems: Properties and Fabrication
    Supervisors: Prof Alexey Pan & Prof Shi Xue Dou
  • Peng Li
    Thesis Title: Li Rich Cathode for Li Ion Battery
    Supervisors: Dr Wenping Sun & Prof Shi Xue Dou
  • Gemeng Liang
    Thesis Title: High-voltage cathode materials and their mechanistic behavior in lithium-ion batteries
    Supervisors: Dr Wei Kong Pang & Prof Zaiping Guo
  • Nana Liu
    Thesis Title: Nanomaterials for Energy Application
    Supervisors: Prof Shi Xue Dou, Dr Xun Xu & A/Prof Yi Du
  • Sailin Liu
    Thesis Title: Exploring and Designing Better Nano-Structured Electrode Anode Materials for High Performance Sodium Ion Batteries
    Supervisors: Prof Zaiping Guo & Dr Wei Kong Pang
  • Daolan Liu
    Thesis Title: The Design and Application of Advanced Yolk-Shell Nanoparticle Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Recycling
    Supervisors: Dr Ji Liang & Prof Shi Xue Dou
  • Andrew Manettas
    Thesis Title: Thermoelectric performance study of nanostructured, cost-effective Pb chalcogenides
    Supervisor: Dr Sima Aminorroaya-Yamini
  • Mohanad Hazim Mohammed
    Thesis Title: Spintronic Materials
    Supervisors: A/Prof Joseph Horvat, Prof Roger Lewis & Prof Zhenxiang Cheng
  • Alain Moriana
    Thesis Title: Exploring Ferroelectric Domain Engineering through Ceramics Texturing, for Underwater Acoustics Applications
    Supervisor: Prof Shujun Zhang & Prof Zhenxiang Cheng
  • Muhammad Nadeem
    Thesis Title: Theoretical Study of Quantum Systems
    Supervisor: Prof Xiaolin Wang & Prof Chao Zhang
  • Hamzeh Qutaish
    Thesis title: Development of mesoporous carbon nanoarchitectures for energy storage systems
    Supervisors: Prof Jungho Kim & A/Prof Konstan Konstantinov
  • Yaser Rehman
    Thesis Title: Advanced nanoceramic composite for health protection applications
    Supervisor: A/Prof Konstan Konstantinov
  • Anoop Somanathan Pillai Sushamakumari Amma
    Thesis Title: High-Energy-Density Positive Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
    Supervisors: Prof Zaiping Guo & Dr Wei Kong Pang
  • Yanhua Sun
    Thesis Title: Magnetoelectric Nano Materials For Energy Applications
    Supervisor: Prof Zhenxiang Cheng
  • Yueyu Tong
    Thesis Title: Design and Fabrication of Low-Cost and High-Capacity Electrodes for Potassium-ion Batteries
    Supervisor: Prof Shi Xue Dou
  • Xiaotian Wang
    Thesis Title: Novel Ferroic Material Design
    Supervisors: Prof Zhenxiang Cheng & Prof Xiaolin Wang
  • Zhijie Wang
    Thesis Title: Development of Advanced Electrode Materials for Potassium-Ion Batteries
    Supervisors: Prof Zaiping Guo & Dr Guanglin Xia
  • Zichao Yan
    Thesis Title: Cathode Materials for Na Ion Battery
    Supervisors: Prof Shi Xue Dou & A/Prof Shulei Chou
  • Qiuran Yang
    Thesis Title: Promising energy storage materials
    Supervisor: A/Prof Shulei Chou & Prof Huakun Liu
  • Fuhua Yang
    Thesis Title: Nano-Structured Carbon Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries
    Supervisors: Prof Zaiping Guo & Prof Jun Chen
  • Guangsai Yang
    Thesis Title: Thermoelectric Materials
    Supervisors: Prof Xiaolin Wang & Dr Zhi Li
  • Huiling Yang
    Thesis Title: Nano Materials for Energy Applications
    Supervisors: Prof Hua Liu, A/Prof Konstan Konstantinov & Dr Yunxiao Wang
  • Jing You
    Thesis title: Study of functional materials for wettability
    Supervisor: Prof Xiaolin Wang
  • Yang Zheng
    Thesis Title: Selectivity facet exposed transition metal oxide nanostructures as advanced materials for energy storage applicaitons
    Supervisor: Prof Zaiping Guo
  • Zhi Zheng
    Thesis Title: Development of Novel Safe Lithium Metal-Free Sulfur Batteries
    Supervisor: Prof Jiazhao Wang
  • Yanfang Zhu
    Thesis Title: Tin-Based Anode Materials for Sodium Ion Battery
    Supervisors: Prof Shi Xue Dou & A/Prof Shulei Chou
  • Weiyao Zhao
    Thesis Title: Crystal Growth of Oxide Materials
    Supervisors: Prof Xiaolin Wang & Dr David Cortie
  • Mengting Zhao
    Thesis title: 2D Materials for application
    Supervisors: A/Prof Yi Du, Prof SHi Xue Dou & Dr Xun Xu
  • Lingfei Zhou
    Thesis title: Sodium ion battery
    Supervisors: Dr Yunxiao Wang, Prof Shi Xue Dou & A/Prof Shulei Chou
  • Ming Zhu
    Thesis title: Electrode materials for sodium ion storage
    Supervisors: Dr Chao Wu & Prof Shi Xue Dou

Masters students

  • Mr Amit Hergass
    Thesis title: Embedded Battery Management for Energy Storage and Automotive Applications
    Supervisor: Dr Khay Wai See & Prof Shi Xue Dou

Visiting students

  • Xiaoyi Gao
  • Yilian Xi

PhD graduates


  • Yaping Chen - "Design of two-dimensional material-based electrocatalysts via hetero-interface engineering"
  • Ningyan Cheng - "Application of organic-inorganic hybrids and their derivatives in energy conversion and storage"
  • Haining Fan - "Original 2D transition metal selenides/borides devoting to enhanced energy conversion and storage"
  • Nai-Sheng Hsu - "Application of In-based oxide nanoparticles for cancer therapy: towards the development of highly selective nano-ceramic theranostic agents"
  • Junnan Hao - "Three-dimensional graphene?TiO2 hybrid prepared by a gas-foaming method for an electrochemical supercapacitor"
  • Xi Kong - "High energy storage performances for bismuth-containing lead free dielectrics with relaxor characteristics"
  • Mengmeng Lao - "Solid State Electrolytes for Batteries"
  • Jaewoo Lee - "High-performance, Robust Si/SiOx Anode for Lithium-ion Battery"
  • Xiu Li - "Advanced anode materials for sodium ion batteries"
  • Yang Li - "Advanced atomic-level material for electrocatalysis"
  • Yun Lu - "Giant ME effect in the ME composite and its applications in sensing and energy harvesting"
  • Freddy Marpaung - "Synthesis of nanoporous carbon derived from hybrid metal organic frameworks for symmetric supercapacitor"
  • Alexander Morlando - "Next Generation Sunscreen Products Optimised for Australian Conditions"
  • Rafid Mueen - "Preparation of Chitosan based Maganatic Nanocomposites for Biomedical and Environmentally Applications via Green Chemistry Approach"
  • Nana Wang - "Exploring advanced electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries"
  • Wanlin Wang -  "Investigation on iron-based Prussian blue cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries"
  • Liang Wang - "Development and Exploration of Novel Photocatalysts by Using STM"
  • Zichao Yan - "Investigations on novel cathode materials for sodium-based storage system"
  • Letao Yang - "Exploration of New Mesoscale Mechanisms for High Piezoelectric Responses in Relaxor Ferroelectrics"
  • Xiaobo Zheng - "Ultrathin Lithium Cobalt Oxide Based Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting"
  • Shilin Zhang - "Proposal of Energy Devices"
  • Qian Zhou - "Ultrathin two-dimensional nanomaterials as electrocatalysts for water splitting"



  • Dean Cardillo - "Multifunctional metal oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications"
  • Kadhim Mustafa Al-Attafi - "Optimisation of TiO2 and Zn2SnO4 Photoanode Materials for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells"
  • Haipeng Guo - "Advanced Materials for Rechargeable Batteries"
  • Mingzhe Chen - "Investigations of advanced large-scalable cathode composites for lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries"
  • Zhe Hu - "Transition metal sulfide and phosphide for high performance lithium and sodium storage"
  • Fang Li - "Room Temperature Rechargeable Lithium Sulfur Battery"
  • Viet Thien Pham - "Advanced materials for rechargeable lithium oxygen batteries and zinc air batteries"
  • Joao Rafael Santos - "Developing environmentally friendly materials for thermoelectric applications"
  • Qingbing Xia - "Nanostructured Titanium Oxide Anodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries"
  • Guoqiang Zhao - "Heterostructured electrocatalysts for efficient electrochemical hydrogen production"
  • Qing Zhang - "Advanced Electrode Materials and Electrolyte for High-performance Potassium Ion Batteries"
  • Wenchao Zhang - "Solidification and Microstructure Development of Zn-55Al-(2-5)Mg-(1.5-5)Si (in wt Coatings)"


  • Shaymaa Al-Rubaye - "Nanostructured electrodes based on spinel oxide composites for next generation energy storage devices"
  • Chunsheng Fang - "The physical principle of magnetic phase transitions for the magnetocaloric materials: RCo2Mnx AND Tb1-xYxMn2Ge2 (R = Tb, Ho, Dy, 0 ≤x≤1.0) series compounds"
  • Hong Gao -  "Hierarchical nanostructured composites for sodium / lithium battery anodes"
  • Hyunseock Jie - "Isotope based superconductors for fusion application" 
  • Qiannan Liu - "Investigation on advanced metal oxides as electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage"
  • Boyang Ruan - "Study of new materials for sodium-ion batteries"
  • Lijuan Zhang - "Investigation of tin chalcogenides thermoelectric materials for energy conversion"
  • Neng Zhang - "On The Improvement of Boost and Buck-Boost Converters for Battery Applications"
  • Yang Zheng - "Ultrathin two-dimensional metal oxides for advanced electrochemical energy storage"
  • Amar Al-Keisy - "Hydrogen Production by the Photoelectrolysis of Water Using Nanocrystalline Semiconductors in the Form of Electrodes, Eolloids, Powders and Thin lms."
  • Kathrin Bogusz - "Engineering and study of multifunctional biocompatible nanoceramics"
  • Grace Causer - "Spin Structures in Oxide Thin Films and Crystals"
  • Haifeng Feng - "Exploration of novel nanomaterials for visible light photocatalysis"
  • Xavier Reales Ferreres - 'Efficient Energy Recovery in Light and Heavy Vehicles"
  • Sheik Md Kazi Nazrul Islam - "Study of chalcogenide based thermoelectric materials for waste heat recovery"
  • Yajie Liu - "High Voltage Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries"
  • Faizun Nesa - "Investigating the change in structural, magnetic and electric properties of tin doped meal oxide"
  • Wenbin Qiu - "Development of 2G Superconductors for Applications"
  • Li Wang - "Design and development of P-block visible light photocatalysis"
  • Zhenwei Yu - "Development of thermoelectric composites for high temperature power generation"


  • Colin Bleasdale - "The diamagnetic kepler problem in a semiconductor environment"
  • Van Huan Duong - ‘Adaptive and robust algorithm for lithium-ion's states estimation for application in electric vehicles’
  • Md. Monirul Islam - "Advanced 3d architecture of conductive polymer/nanoceramic matrix for flexible supercapacitors'
  • Mohammad Rejaul Kaiser – ‘Development new materials for Li-Air batteries’
  • Jonathan Knott – ‘Electromagnetic design of MgB2 coil for fault current limiter’
  • Kai Chin Lim - "Battery managment system for electric vehicles"
  • Lili Liu - 'Development of efficient electrocatalysts for lithium oxygen batteries'
  • Nandhagopal Masilamani - "Graphene and superconducting (yba2cu3o7-x) thin film - a study on electronic and magnetic transport properties for detectors applications'
  • Yuede Pan – ‘Nanostructured electrode materials for lithium ion batteries’
  • Chandrasekar Mayandi Subramaniyam – ‘Development of advanced electrodes and electrolytes for lithium-ion battery applications’
  • Ranjusha Rajagopalan - "Nasicon based materials for high voltage lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries"
  • Zhixin Tai – ‘The Study of two-dimensional materials for application on energy storage’
  • Frederick Steven Wells – ‘Magneto - Optical Imaging of Superconducting Materials’
  • Feixiang Xiang – ‘Energy materials’
  • Zheyin Yu – ‘The design and synthesis of new cathode materials for high performance batteries’
  • Lei Zhang – ‘Novel si based composite materials as anodes for li-ion batteries’
  • Shaohua Zhang - "Transition metal chalcogenides based molecular probe in biomedical applications"
  • Jincheng Zhuang - "STM Investigation of silicene"
  • Tengfei Zhou - "Two-Dimensional Materials and Hierarchical Nanostructured Composites For Sodium/Lithium Battery Anodes"


  • Xinqi Chen - "Design and synthesis of binary and ternary copper chalcogenide nanostructures for energy conversion"
  • Muhamad Faiz Md Din - "Magnetic Phase Transitions and Novel Materials for Magnetocaloric Effect"
  • Yu Hai Dou - "Atomically Thin Transition Metal Oxides for Energy Conversion and Storage"
  • Chao Han - "Synthesis of Nanostructured Metal Chalcogenides Used for Energy Conversion and Storage"
  • Mohammad Ihsan - "Advanced Transition Metal Oxide Materials as Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries"
  • Sujith Kalluri - "Nano-engineering and Advanced Characterizations of Layered-structure Electrode Materials for Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion Batteries"
  • Majharul H Khan - "Synthesis and application of few-layered hexagonal boron nitride"
  • Weijie Li - "Investigation on the promising electrode materials for rechargeable sodium ion batteries"
  • Xin Liang - "Study on Sulfur Cathode Materials for High Performance Lithium/Sulfur Batteries"
  • Wenbin Luo - "Advanced Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Oxygen Batteries"
  • Dipakkumar J Patel - "Design and Fabrication of Solid Nitrogen Cooled MgB2 based Persistent Magnet for MRI Application"
  • Babar Shabbir - "Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on Critical Current Density & Pinning Mechanism of Iron Based Superconductors and MgB2"
  • Jun Wang - "Development of New Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries and Lithium Oxygen Batteries"
  • Hong Qiang Wang - "Design and Modification of Cathode Materials for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur and Lithium-Selenium Batteries"
  • Feng Xiao - "Hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets synthesis and applications"
  • Jin Yan Xiong - "Advanced One Dimensional Plasmonic Photocatalysts"
  • Lanling Zhao - "Investigation on the electronic structures, hardness and thermoelectric properties of superionic thermoelectric materials"


  • Qinjun Chen – “Electrical and optical properties of functional thermoelectrical materials”
  • Evan Constable – “Strong Magnetic Field Effects in the Terahertz Regime”
  • Sergey  Fedoseev – “Investigation of superconducting thin films and multilayered structures for electronic applications”
  • XuanWen Gao – “Composites and Ionic Liquid-based Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries”
  • Igor Golovchanskiy – “Thin Films: Growth Mechanisms, Superconducting and Functional properties, Modelling of Vortex Behaviour”
  • Tomas Katkus – “Thermoelectric modules for high temperature power generation”
  • Philip Lavers – “Electronic structure of perovskite and related materials”
  • Lucia Lepodise – “Terahertz spectroscopy of electronic materials”
  • Dan Li – “Three-Dimensional Porous Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries”
  • Sha Li – “Bio-compatible Materials for Batteries”
  • Jianjian Lin – “Nanomaterials for catalyst”
  • Ashkan Motaman – “Current Limiting Mechanism in MgB2”
  • Spencer Porter - "Perovskite Titanium Nitride Oxides and Vanadium Phosphates: Synthesis and Characterization"
  • Yi Shi – “Development of Materials for Room Temperature Sulfur Batteries”
  • Asyd A T Tawfiq  - “Quantum properties of graphene and carbon nanostructures”
  • Yunxiao Wang – “Nanomaterials for LIBs”
  • Guanglin Xia –“Light Metal Hydrides For Reversible Hydrogen Storage Applications”
  • Zhijia Zhang – “Development of advanced materials for rechargeable lithium batteries”
  • Chengbo Zhu  “Spin wave and spin density wave in magnetic materials”


  • Seyed Hamed Aboutalebi - "Processing Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotubes: Routes to Self-Assembly of Designed Architectures for Energy Storage Applications"
  • Y.S. Ang - "Many-body effect in massless Dirac fermions"
  • D. Beaven - "FPGA architecture for numerical computations"
  • Alfred Chidembo - "Advanced graphene-metal oxide nanostructured composites for supercapacitors"
  • Azrin Chowdhury - "Synthesis of Nano-Ceramics for Supercapacitors"
  • L. Feng - "Simulation of crystal, electronic and magnetic structures, and gas adsorption of two dimensional materials"
  • F. Hong - "The Magnetic and Electric Properties in Novel Magnetic Systems"
  • Abolfazl Jalalian- "Lead-Free Piezoelectric Materials"
  • JaeGuen Kim - "Ti-based Nanostructured materials for Lithium-ion Batteries"
  • Li Li - "Nanostructured Anode Materials with High Capacity for Rechargeable Energy Storage"
  • Victor Malgras - "Lead Sulfide Colloidal Quantum Dots: Passivation and Optoelectronic Characterisation for Photovoltaic Device Applications"
  • Mahboobeh Shahbazi-Manshadi- "Study on Newly Discovered Iron-based Superconductors"
  • Jiantie Xu - "Advanced materials for Lithium-ion batteries and Sodium-ion Batteries"
  • Zengji Yue - "Transport properties of topological insulators Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3 crystals and films"
  • Chao Zhong- "Development of Graphene Composite Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries"


  • Kaludewa Sujeewa Buddhimali De Silva- "Processing and characterization of graphene / graphene oxide doped MgB2 superconductors"
  • Qi Li- "Research on TFA-MOD Derived YBa2Cu3O7-? Thin Films on Single Crystal Substrates: Fabrication and Second Phase Doping"
  • Lin Lu- "Transition-Metal Oxides, Sulphide and Sulphur Composites For Lithium Batteries"
  • Mislav Mustapic- "Enhancement of MgB2 Superconductor by Magnetic Nanoparticle Doping"
  • Lukman Noerochim- "Advanced Materials for Flexible Lithium Rechargeable Batteries"
  • Kuok Hua Seng- "High Capacity Nanostructured Electrode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries"
  • Maryam Salari- "Functionalization of Nanostructured Titania (TiO2) as Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors"
  • Precious Shamba- "Tuning Phase Transitions and Magnetocaloric Properties of Novel Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration"
  • Chaofeng Zhang- "Advanced Nanostructured Materials for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries"


  • Jyotish Debnath - "Nanostructure control of MgB2 by chemical doping"
  • Nurul Idris - "Nanomaterials for lithium rechargeable"
  • Muhamad Ismal - "Hydrogen storage materials"
  • Jianfeng Mao - "Study on hydrogen storage behaviour of LiBH4"
  • KhayWai See - "Experimental and theoretical approaches for AC losses in practical superconducting tapes for engineering applications"
  • Priyanka Jood - "Oxide thermoelectric materials for high temperature power generation"
  • Guodong Du - "Performance improvement of cathode materials for lithium batteries"


  • Yi Du - "Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS's)"
  • Mohd Hassan - "Nanostructured Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries"
  • Stuart Hargreaves - "Ultrafast Change of Magnetization as Terahertz Source"
  • Chung-Kiak Poh - "Metallic nanostructures, ultrathin films and optical technologies for hydrogen storage and switchable mirrors"
  • Hao Liu - "Design of Nano-Structured Materials and their Applications for Lithium Ion Batteries"
  • Minoru Maeda - "Densification and Connectivity in Polycrystalline MgB2 Materials for Improvement of Critical Current Density"
  • Jinsoo Park - "Nanostructured Semiconducting Metal Oxides for use in Gas Sensors"
  • Andrey Shcherbakov - "Magnesium Diboride Superconductor: thermal stabilization and doping"
  • Laurianne Truffault - "Synthesis and characterisation of cerium dioxide- and iron oxidebased nanoparticles for UV filtration in sunscreens"
  • Brad Winton - "Low energy metal ion implantation of Poly-di-methylsiloxane (PDMS) for increased biocompatibility for use in tissue engineering applications"
  • Peng Zhang - "Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries"
  • Md. Mokhlesur Rahman - "Advanced Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries"
  • Huimin Wu - "New Catalyst Materials for Hydrogen Fed Fuel-Cells and hydrogen storage on Double walled carbon nanotubes"
  • Lin Wang - "Chemical solution deposition for YBCO superconducting films and Sm2O3 buffer layers on single crystal and biaxially textured metallic substrates"


  • S. L. Chou – “Nanostructured / composite materials for rechargeable Li-ion battery and supercapacitor”
  • W. X. Li – “Carbohydrate doping effect on the superconductivities and microstructure of MgB2 superconductor”
  • S. Pysarenko – “HTS multi-layers thin films fabrication”
  • R. Nigam – “Study of magnetic behaviour of Ru-based superconducting ferromagnets”
  • A. Ranjbar – “Effect of catalysts on hydrogen storage properties of MgH2”


  • D. P. Chen – “Crystal growth, magnetism, transport and superconductivity of two dimensional sodium cobalt oxide single crystals”
  • S. Y. Chew – “Advanced materials for electrodes and electrolyte in rechargeable lithium ion batteries”
  • M. M. Farhoudi – “Studies of structures, transport and magnetic properties of doped novel three dimensional perovskite compounds”
  • X. Xu – “Effect of starting boron powder on the superconducting properties of MgB2”
  • Q. Yao – “Study of newly discovered two dimensional cobalt based perovskite compounds doped with various rare earth elements”
  • Y. Zhang – “Improvement of critical current density in MgB2 by optimizing process parameters and chemical doping”


  • Y. P. Yao – “A study of electro materials for lithium-ion batteries”
  • Z. W. Zhao – “The liquid-phase synthesis and electrochemical application of novel inorganic nanocomposites”
  • O. Shcherbakova – “Development of MgB2-xCx superconductors and understanding their electromagnetic behaviour”
  • M. S. Park – “Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured electrode materials for rechargeable lithium ion batteries”
  • M. S. A. Hossain – “Study of superconducting and electromagnetic properties of un-doped and organic compound doped MgB2 conductors”
  • S.H. Ng – “Nanostructured materials for electrodes in lithium-ion batteries”
  • Z. G. Huang – “Effects of compositions and mechanical milling modes on hydrogen storage properties” 


  • S. A. Needham - "Development of advanced electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries"
  • M. O’Dwyer - "Solid-state refrigeration and power generation using semiconductor nanostructures"
  • G. Peleckis - "Studies on diluted oxide magnetic semiconductors for spin electronic applications"
  • M. Roussel - "Magneto-optical imaging in superconductors"
  • L. Yuan - "Investigation of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries"


  • S. Bewlay - "Investigation on Li-Co-Ni system for lithium ion batteries"
  • Y. Chen - "Investigation on advanced active materials for lithium-ion batteries"
  • A. Li - "A study of the fabrication and characterization of high temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O7 thin films"
  • S. H. Pilehrood - "Electronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures under intense terahertz radiation"
  • W. K. Yeoh - "Control of nanostructure for enhancing superconductor performance through chemical doping"
  • Y. Zhao - "Fabrication and characterization of superconducting PLD MgB2 thin films"


  • S. Keshavarzi - "Investigation of vortex dynamics of (Tl,Pb)(Sr,Ba)2Ca2Cu3Oy and an alternative method for determination of the lock-in angle in twinned superconductors"


  • F. Gao - "Studies on the synthesis, characterization and properties of colossal magnetoresistive (CMR) materials"
  • M. Lindsay - "Data analysis and anode materials for lithium ion batteries"
  • B. Lough - "Investigations into thermionic cooling for domestic refrigeration"
  • D. Milliken - "Uranium doping of silver sheathed bismuth-strontium-calcium-copper-oxide superconducting tapes for increased critical current density through enhanced flux pinning"
  • S. Soltanian - "Development of superconducting magnesium diboride conductors"
  • C. Wan - "gCathodic materials for nickel-metal hydride batteries"
  • S. H. Zhou - "Processing and characterization of MgB2 superconductors"


  • Z. P. Guo - "Investigation on cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries"
  • J. McKinnon - 'The fundamental mechanisms involved in the production of thin films by Pulsed laser"
  • D. Marinaro - "A study into the effects of fission-fragment damage on activation Energies in Ag/Bi2223 tapes"
  • D. Q. Shi - "Buffer layers for YBCO superconducting films on single crystal YSZ substrates and cubic texture Ni substrates"
  • J. Wang - "Development of a novel plate making processing technique for Manufacturing valve-regulated lead-acid batteries"


  • X. K. Fu - "Fabrication and characterization of Bi-2223 current lead"
  • K. Uprety - "Magnetic hysteresis and relaxation in Bi2212 single crystals doped with iron and lead"


  • R. Baker - "Zeeman and piezo-spectroscopy of antimony and aluminium in germanium"
  • F. Darmann - "AC Loss in high temperature superconductor"
  • G. X. Wang - "Investigation on electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries"


  • J. P. Chelliah - "Optical spectroscopy of semiconductors"
  • L. Sun - "Amorphous and nanocrystalline hydrogen storage alloy materials for nickel-metal hydride batteries"
  • X. L. Wang - "Spiral growth, flux pinning and peak effect in doped and pure Bi-2212 HTS single crystal"
  • R. Zeng - "Processing and characterization of Bi-2223/Ag superconducting tapes" 


  • J. Chen - "High energy storage material for rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries"
  • T. Silver - "Near band-edge optical properties of MBE GaAs and related layered structures"
  • G. Takacs - "Spectroscopy of the effect of strains and magnetic field on shallow acceptor levels in germanium"


  • N. Cui - "Magnesium based hydrogen storage alloy anode materials for Ni-MH secondary batteries"
  • R. J. Heron - "Far-infrared studies of semiconductors in large magnetic fields"
  • M. Ionescu - "Growth and characterization of Bi-2212 crystals and improvement of Bi-2212/Ag superconducting tapes"
  • J. X. Jin - "(Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x/Ag high Tc superconductors and their applications in an electrical fault current limiter and an electronic high voltage generator"
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Masters graduation roll