AIIM facility access & purchasing

AIIM facility access

It is necessary to complete an induction before undertaking research or working at the AIIM Facility.

The WHS and operational information about AIIM is presented online and will give you the opportunity to read through all relevant materials before requiring that you complete an online induction quiz.

Access to AIIM is granted on the successful completion of the AIIM Induction Modules and a walk-through building induction.

Induction module instructions and other related documents

  • The University of Wollongong Learning Platform – Moodle, is used for the AIIM induction. 
  • The Moodle sign in page can be accessed here.
  • Please use your UOW staff/student username and password to access the AIIM online induction information and quiz.
  • For those without a UOW log on, please contact Michael Parlas, for a temporary guest log in and password.
  • Once you have completed the Moodle module and have obtained your Certificate of Completion, you must complete the AIIM access application (webform).
  • AIIM access guidelines (PDF)

Building induction sessions

Building inductions are held each Wednesday afternoon. Meet in the AIIM foyer at 2pm. Please wear enclosed footwear and adhere to social distancing at all times.

Access card

Deposit of $25 (fully refundable) is payable before a swipe card can be issued. The $25 deposit will be refunded to you when you have completed your study at UOW, have appropriate sign offs on the Xetta refund form (PDF), and your swipe card has been returned to the AIIM Administrative Assistant at AIIM Reception. Once your application has been assessed, our staff will arrange a swipe card and contact you via email to advise you of payment and collection details.

AIIM purchasing

Please complete the below AIIM electronic purchasing order form and submit the form according to the instructions below.