Total column ozone

TCO (Total Column Ozone): a measurement of the total amount of atmospheric ozone in a given column. Usually, TCO is measured in Dobson Units (DU). For more details on the distribution of ozone in the atmosphere, click here.

Dobson Unit (DU): 1 Dobson Unit = .01mm height of ozone molecules, compressed down through the column. Click here to see more about the definition of Dobson Unit.

TCO DataTCO data from Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS). The data are, using NASA terminology, level-3 data, which are released at 1° lat × 1.25° lon resolution. Some of the 1° × 1.25° cells do not contain any data.

This research is featured in an article on The Ohio State University Research Communications webpage.


Pixels where data are missing are colored grey.


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G. JOHANNESSON, N. CRESSIE, and H.-C. HUANG (2007). Dynamic multi-resolution spatial models. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 14, 5-25.

Information available at TCO web-projects page

This webpage was designed by Noel Cressie with the assistance of Yonggang Yao. Computer programs to process the TCO data using the MRSM were written by Gardar Johannesson. The research was supported by the Office of Naval Research under grants N00014-02-1-0052 and N00014-05-1-0133.

MRSM - Multi-Resolution Spatial Model Details

Smoothed TCO - Daily smoothed TCO - Animation

Observed TCO - Daily observed TCO - Animation

Uncertainty - Daily prior/observed/posterior TCO

Background - Distribution of Atmospheric Ozone - 2002 Ozone-Hole Splitting