Sydney Business School, UOW Student, Bryce Lee wears a black suit and stands by a cream railing outside.

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Bryce Lee

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Bryce Lee

Student spotlight: Bryce Lee

Bryce is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics at Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong (UOW), set to complete in Trimester 2, 2024. Originally from San Francisco, Bryce embarked on a transformative academic journey when he moved to Australia two years ago.

Academic and professional journey

Bryce's passion in environmental science took root at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Graduating with honours, this degree laid the foundation for his future endeavours at the intersections of engineering, policy, and business. His early career at a boutique environmental consulting firm in Los Angeles involved serving public sector clients with a private sector approach. Seeking broader horizons, Bryce came to Australia to pursue an MBA at the University of Sydney, enhancing his skills in business management, leadership, and problem-solving.

However, Bryce's thirst for knowledge didn't stop there. Driven to delve deeper into the transformative potential of data-driven decision-making, he found himself drawn to the Master of Business Analytics program at UOW, where he describes it as, “a powerful opportunity to specialise in a burgeoning field and sharpen my ability to draw actionable insights from big data."

Overcoming challenges

During his studies at UOW, Bryce faced a significant challenge early on – a project that demanded not only technical prowess but also required literature with extensive data analysis for a real-world scenario assessment. Despite initial unfamiliarity with business analytics, Bryce approached the task with initiative, seeking guidance from the lecturers.

With a grin, Bryce explained that he proactively sought mentorship from his lecturer and received advice that encouraged him to approach the project with creativity and strategic thinking. “I was not given explicit answers but rather guided at a high level and encouraged to work through the project with creativity. I was grateful for my lecturer’s accessibility, expertise, and genuine desire for me to succeed.”

Personal growth

Beyond academia, Bryce found personal growth through sports, particularly soccer and swimming, which are foundational to his personal development journey. Since moving to Sydney, engaging in a recreational soccer league has helped him expand his network and strengthen his soft skills, like leadership, communication and interpersonal skills while providing a healthy balance to his rigorous study schedule.

To me, being a postgraduate student and really going through life more broadly is largely about balance. Making time and space for myself to try new things, reflect, and learn both inside and outside of the classroom has been incredibly rewarding.”

Milestone achievement

Bryce considers his decision to pursue both an MBA at the University of Sydney and a Master's in Business Analytics at UOW as transformative milestone in his life. These programs not only widened his professional perspectives but also made him reflect personally on his leadership style. “The skills I’ve gained through these two programs with their dynamic paces, breadth in content, diverse communities, and collaborative structures, have certainly made me a stronger leader. I’ve become more empathetic.”

A balancing act

When asked about how he maintains motivation and focus amidst such a busy schedule, Bryce said he relied on effective time management strategies, meticulously organizing his schedule with tools like calendars, time-blocking and to-do lists. He emphasised that looking inward and outward are both crucial. A regular self-reflection has become part of his routine, helping him stay focused on his goals.

"Looking outward, my friends and colleagues form a great supporting network for me. Making time for fun and trying new things are crucial for my well-being and helps me perform at my best. Looking inward has also been key – staying motivated requires seeing both the broader perspective and the finer details.”  

Future career aspirations

Bryce's eyes lit up with enthusiasm as he shared his vision of pursuing a career at the intersection of business and sustainability, potentially in the fields of sustainability consulting or environmental, social and governance (ESG). Armed with dual degrees in MBA and Business Analytics, he aspires to tackle pressing global challenges with informed decision-making and innovative solutions. Bryce envisions a career path that merges his quantitative skills with a strategic mindset, aiming to drive positive change in organizations and communities alike, stating that "both degrees will equip me not only to solve problems but also to identify them proactively.

Sharing insights into getting the best from UOW

Bryce wishes all fellow peers the best with their future endeavours. When asked if he had any advice to share, he beams, “There’s a lot! But above all, I’d say to embrace growth. Practically engage with all that UOW offers, collaborate with peers, ask lots of questions and seek mentorship from the instructors who are always determined to help us succeed”.

Bryce stressed that collaboration and interaction are key at the master’s level. With a smile, he encourages students to foster a mindset of continuous learning, which is crucial for staying agile and evolving in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

Bryce’s journey story of his academic and personal development serves as an inspiring example to us all. We wish you continued success in your future endeavours!

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