UOW expert commentary (25 March)

UOW expert commentary (25 March)

UOW academics provide expert commentary, opinion and analysis on a range of ongoing and breaking news stories

Violence in Papua

Dr Cammi Webb-Gannon can provide expert commentary on growing unrest in the region of Papua and can discuss reports that a video has been released appearing to show Indonesian soldiers torturing a man. Dr Webb-Gannon is a Lecturer with the School of Health and Society and Coordinator of the West Papua Project at UOW. Her research focuses on the Pacific Islands region. Dr Webb-Gannon is the author of Morning Star Rising: The Politics of Decolonization in West Papua (2021, University of Hawai’i Press).

Tasmanian election

Professor Greg Melleuish can talk about the outcome of the Tasmanian state election. He is a lecturer and researcher with expertise in political theory, Australian politics, ancient history and world history. Professor Melleuish is from the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.

Increasing the minimum wage

Associate Professor Martin O’Brien is available for interviews about the Federal Government’s submission to the Fair Work Commission for an increase to the minimum wage to keep up with inflation. Associate Professor O’Brien is an economist and the Director of the Centre for Human and Social Capital Research. His research interests include segmented labour market theory, econometrics, older worker employment issues and hidden unemployment. 

The dark side of Easter eggs

Associate Professor Stephanie Perkiss can discuss The Chocolate Scorecard which ranks the policies and practices of chocolate traders, manufacturers, brands and retailers, assessing 63 companies on six criteria. This year Australia’s supermarket giants were scrutinised for the transparency and sustainability of their private-label chocolate, with German supermarket chain Aldi eclipsing its larger rivals to be the clear leader. Associate Professor Stephanie Perkiss is from the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics.

Children and young people with disabilities in the education system

Associate Professor Shoshana Dreyfus is available for interviews about a NSW parliamentary inquiry which will look at the experiences of students with disability in the education system. Associate Professor Dreyfus says teachers, families and disabled children need more support and non-disabled children need more support to include disabled children. She is an advocate for a range of schools for children with disabilities.

Associate Professor Dreyfus is an expert in systemic functional linguistics in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry. She is the co-convenor of UOW's Global Challenges funded Disability Research Network (DRN). This network has brought together UOW scholars researching in the disability space and is forging links between UOW, people living with disability, the disability sector, the local council, and scholars at other institutes.


Dr Stephen Brown can provide commentary on recent developments in Russia, including the Moscow concert hall attack. Dr Brown is a Russian history expert and Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.

UOW academics exercise academic freedom by providing expert commentary, opinion and analysis on a range of ongoing social issues and current affairs. This expert commentary reflects the views of those individual academics and does not necessarily reflect the views or policy positions of the University of Wollongong.