UOW expert commentary (23 April)

UOW expert commentary (23 April)

UOW academics provide expert commentary, opinion and analysis on a range of ongoing and breaking news stories

Ukraine aid package

Dr Stephen Brown can discuss the US approval of a $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine. The Russian history expert says Putin has thrown out his own playbook with this conflict. Dr Brown is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.

Taylor Swift and hooks in her music

Dr Timothy Byron can talk about Taylor Swift’s new album and what makes her songs so catchy. The psychologist co-authored Hooks in Popular Music with Dr Jadey O’Regan (Sydney Conservatorium of Music). The book explores hooks in popular music and attempts to explain why some songs get stuck in our heads and why these hooks are the guiding principle of modern popular music. Dr Byron is from the School of Psychology and has devoted his career to exploring the relationship between music and memory.

Completing the stress cycle to avoid burnout

In an article for The Conversation Associate Professor Theresa Larkin explains how to complete the stress cycle to avoid burnout or depression. Associate Professor Larkin and Associate Professor Susan Thomas write:

Some stress in daily life is unavoidable. But remaining stressed is unhealthy. Chronic stress increases chronic health conditions, including heart disease and stroke and diabetes. It can also lead to burnout or depression. Exercise, cognitive, creative, social and self-soothing activities help us process stress in healthier ways and complete the stress cycle.

Associate Professor Larkin is an expert in anatomy and medical science. She is a Senior Lecturer in UOW’s Graduate School of Medicine. In 2023 Associate Professor Larkin was named a Superstar of STEM by Science & Technology Australia.

Lack of research into native bees

Dr James Dorey can provide expert commentary on why Australian scientists are concerned about the lack of research on native bees in Australia. He agrees that it is a huge problem. Dr Dorey’s current research is on the evolution, ecology, zoology, and phylogenetics of global bee species. He is a Lecturer in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences.

Reducing antimicrobial resistance

Professor Andrew Bonney can provide commentary on ways to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing by primary care physicians and GPs. Professor Bonney is leading a team of researchers in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. He says GPs are at the front line and there are strategies to safely reduce antibiotic use for respiratory infections in general practice. Professor Bonney has over 30 years of experience as a GP. He is Roberta Williams Chair of General Practice and Associate Head of School Research Strategy in the Graduate School of Medicine.

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