Pootopia! The art, science, and economics of composting human manure

Our cross-disciplinary team investigates the utopian (Poo-topian!) potential of human manure composting.

Mixed together, this unholy trinity creates a toxic pollutant. Vast amounts of energy, chemicals, and money are required to make sewerage sludge safe again. But what if human excrement (“humanure”) was treated as a resource rather than a problem? This project brings together economists, scientists, engineers, artists, community housing advocates and festival producers to explore this very question. Our VIPoo was a featured area at the Yours and Owls festival in October.

The team

Composting our poo and wee can create beautiful soil. At a time when erosion is stripping soil from arable landscapes across Australia, we cannot afford to treat humanure with such disdain! At a time when fresh water is a scarce resource, we cannot afford to waste it. Soil and water are worth money. Let’s not flush our money down the toilet. Instead, let’s cash in!