Moving to Wollongong


A place to belong

University might be the first time you get to call the shots about what your future is going to be, and a place where you can truly follow your passions to get there.

At every turn there will be opportunities: to meet people from all over the world, to make discoveries and to figure out what you stand for. As a city filled with students (people just like you), Wollongong is the perfect place to start your future career.

UOW takes education beyond the classroom. From day one you will be given the tools to start thinking about your future. You will gain practical experience in real workplaces so you graduate ready for your dream career. All of these things are why we have a reputation for providing world-class education, and why our students rate UOW as a 5-star university.


"The moment my parents left me at uni for the first time was a very bittersweet one. While I was upset they were leaving, I was so excited to meet new people and grow as a person. I really took it as a chance to reinvent myself in a way and make a whole new group of friends.

Coming from a country town it can be hard to understand the idea of living overseas or travelling, or even all of the job possibilities, but moving away from home for uni has opened me up to all of this. You need to be independent and realise that in some ways you now rely on yourself, which can be daunting at first but very rewarding over time to see how far you can go."

Hear how Hannah and her parents, Scott and Vicki, handled the transition.