Centre for Intelligent Mechatronics Research (CIMR)


The Centre for Intelligent Mechatronics Research (CIMR) conducts innovative, multidisciplinary and applied studies on how human perception, behaviour and skills can be  emulated and augmented by robotics and machine learning.  The concepts and methodologies developed by the  group are applied to broad disciplines of biomedical engineering, telerobotics, smart/electric vehicles and computer vision. Over the years, CIMR has developed advanced facilities and tools for its research. The Centre currently has close collaboration with industry, a number of hospitals in Wollongong, and School of Medicine.

Projects include:

  • Haptics and virtual manipulation
  • Fall risk assessment in older people through posture and gait analysis
  • Objective measurement of fatigue in cancer patients under chemotherapy
  • Active suspension control
  • Steer by wire
  • Electric cars
  • Robotic assisted rehabilitation for stroke patients
  • Affective machine based perception based on gait posture