Pyrometallurgical Research Group

The PYROmetallurgical group aims to develop and support fundamental research that provides insights into how new and existing high temperature metallurgical processes may be developed and optimised.

The group specialises in thermodynamic and kinetic modelling/characterisation of molten metal-slag-refractory systems and has unique facilities including high temperature melting capability (up to 1750°C), ore oxidation/reduction systems, gas sensing, mixing and logging facilities, high temperature TGA and sessile drop apparatus for measuring interfacial tension and dynamic wetting.

Current projects and Research areas


The effect of Ti on the Kinetics of Phosphorous Removal During BOS Steelmaking (3 year ARC Steel Research Hub)

A Fundamental Study into the Use of Different Ferrous Ores on Melt Characteristics of Sinter (3 year ARC Steel Research Hub)

Obtaining Value from Steelplant Waste (5 year ARC Steel Research Hub)

Dynamic Wetting of Slags on Oxides (3 year project sponsored by industry)

The effect of Minerals On Coke analogue Reactivity (1 year ACARP project)

The Kinetics of Coke Analogue Reactivity (3 year internally funded project)

Effects of Minerals on the Carbon Structure of the Coke Analogue (3 year internally funded project)

The Morphology of Steelmaking Inclusions During Processing (3 year project directly sponsored by BlueScope, ongoing)

Coke integrity in blast furnace ironmaking:Understanding and technology development (3 year ARC Linkage)



High efficiency separation and refining in petroleum processing. (3 year China National 973 Program)

Technologies to Enhance the Value of NZ’s Offshore Ironsand Resource (4 year New Zealand Government Science Investment Grant)


Dr Paul Zulli

Dr Michael Chapman

Dr Sheng Chew

Dr David Pinson of BlueScope

Mr Israel Murgas, Arrium

Dr Oliver Scholes, Vale

Dr Kim Hockins, BHP Billiton

Prof Marc in het Panhuis (University of Wollongong)

Dr Mark Reid, ANSTO

Dr Merrick Mahoney, University of Newcastle

Prof Oleg Ostrovski, University of New South Wales

Dr Akbar Rhamdhani, Swinburne University of Technology

Dr Nes Dogan, McMaster (Canada)

Prof Ken Coley, McMaster (Canada)