Polymer Properties Group


The Polymer Properties group aims to develop and support research on synthesis and processing of electroactive materials, micro and nanoparticles for sensors and actuators applications. The group specialises in polymer chemistry and physics and the development of new research fields, including high performance polymeric and bio-polymeric materials and electroactive polymers. To reach a more friendly and sustainable well-being we are exploring environment-friendly materials, especially for wastewater treatment.


One of the major obstacles preventing the development of implantable biosensors and other active devices requiring a controlled implant-tissue interface has been the reduction in device function after implementation. This difficulty can be overcome by application of active materials with tailored materials-tissue interaction. Micro and nanoporous structures, nanofibers and particles from electroactive materials offer novel opportunities for tissue engineering, drug delivery and wound healing applications. Other research interest is focused in the development of novel membranes and photocatalytic particles such titanium dioxide or tungsten trioxide, etc. for wastewater treatment. Currently, we have electrospinning, spin coating, solvent casting, vacuum infusion systems and water-based emulsions for tailored nanoparticle processing. Application of analytical techniques, including AC/DC electrical conductivity with four and two-point probe method, room temperature dielectric spectroscopy, quasi-static mechanical experiments and an electrochemical impedance analyser.


  • Professor Sergei I. Tverdokhlebov
    Tomsk Polytechnic University, Institute of Physics and Technology
    Russian Federation

HDR Students

Ali Hammadi (PhD)
Project: Effect of the carbon nanotube reinforcement on the behaviour of fibre reinforced epoxy materials 

Yi Yan (PhD)
Project: Biomaterial scaffolds in cardiac tissue-engineering

Andrew Vild (Bachelor)
Project: Production of electrospun titanium dioxide – poly(methyl methacrylate) membranes for photocatalytic applications