Partner with us

Benefits to Industry

Industry engagement helps companies advance their Research and Development efforts and build the capability of staff by connecting them with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences’ ground-breaking research activities.


Industry partners of the Faculty can:

  • Access potentially comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for industry problems

  • Access training opportunities and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules for staff development

  • Influence direction of research through industry co-funded Professorial Chairs, and Honorary Fellowships and student research projects

  • Leverage up to four times their cash contribution in commonwealth funds

  • Access opportunities to our high-performing students for graduate recruitment

  • Access Research and Development tax concessions.

Benefits to the University and Students

Our valuable partnerships with industry help drive the Faculty’s research excellence and deliver solutions to current industry challenges.



These partnerships provide:

  • Opportunities for staff to increase their knowledge of application and industry-based practices

  • Opportunities for current students to engage with real-world problems and develop their skills in particular areas currently in demand by industry

  • Synergies that improve knowledge transfer between theory and application-based research

  • Financial or in-kind support to ensure that our infrastructure, laboratories, equipment, and industry capability remain up-to-date and relevant to industry’s needs

  • Financial or in-kind support to maintain Faculty staff and technical capability relevant to industry’s needs

  • An interface between staff and industry ensuring that staff, and therefore their expertise and teaching, are enriched by current industry practice and industry best practice.


Partner with us


We offer interdisciplinary, career-oriented degrees and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Short Courses for industry professionals. These offerings are enhanced by strong industry links to support the rapid development and evolving needs of industry. 


Industry relevance 

These postgraduate industry courses maintain a firm focus on the current and future needs of industry and continuing education for engineers in the workforce. Our teaching is backed by leading research and industry experts exploring real-world problems in the fields of engineering asset management, electrical power engineering, electrical traction networks, rolling stock engineering, energy efficiency and bulk materials handling.

Career Development

Whether you want to qualify for a new profession, develop further in your current role or change careers altogether, our specialised postgraduate engineering programs can help you to gain a competitive edge in your professional and personal development. UOW can also deliver these courses as part of a corporate training package and expressions of interest are welcome.


Industry partners are invited to suggest topics from their wide range of business needs and experiences for projects for students enrolled in summer scholarships, annual theses or final-year projects. These projects provide opportunities for current students to engage with real-world problems and develop their employability skills.


Engineering Student Projects

Every engineering student must complete a final-year “capstone” project which allows a senior student to have an in-depth look at solving real-world engineering problems.

Download the Engineering student projects brochure (pdf)


ICT Student Projects

At UOW every ICT student must complete a final-year annual “capstone” project which allows students to work collaboratively in teams and have an in-depth look at solving real-world problems. These projects equip students with the applied and industry-relevant knowledge that enables them to excel in their chosen professions.

Download the ICT student projects brochure (pdf)

Student Placements and Industry Internships

Most degrees of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences requires students to undertake professional internships or industry placements. By providing a placement within your organisation to a current student you can:

  • Attract a high-achieving student at an early stage and see if they are suitable for a permanent position
  • Allocate a project/review/research topic to a student to assist your own staff with their workloads
  • Innovate different solutions and new perspectives
  • Increase your awareness of emerging technologies in your field
  • Help to shape the future generation of professionals in your industry

Sponsoring scholarships, prizes and events

There are a number of ways that your business or organisation can make a difference to students and the university by:

  • Assisting our students - provide benefits for students in need of financial support
  • Engaging with our community - support opportunities for the community to link with the university.



Access motivated and high performing students by sponsoring: 

  • Prizes and awards for best in subject or best final-year project
  • Corporate Scholarships are industry-specific scholarships that raise the profile of an industry partner with our talented pool of students  
  • Work Integrated Learning Scholarships that include an ongoing placement over summer or winter break, or a one to three-day placement during the academic session  
  • Events and activities that are targeted at encouraging more primary and secondary students to take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects at school 

Industry guest speakers and judges

The Faculty welcomes industry professionals who would like to give back hard-won knowledge and insights to current students to better prepare them for the careers and challenges that lie ahead. This could be in the form of industry case studies embedded in lectures or becoming a guest speaker or judge at one of our events, such as the annual Trade Show or Innovation Showcase. These are great opportunities for your company to get involved, meet current students, see their projects and talk to upcoming graduates about your company and employment opportunities as well.

About consultancy

Businesses and industry partners need specialised help. Many UOW staff act as consultants in their fields of expertise. We assist by forwarding any approaches we receive to the appropriate staff member.

Commissioned and collaborative research

The Innovation and Commercial Research Team delivers engagement with the University researchers through the facilitation of strong and positive relationships with government bodies, the commercial realm, industry, communities and our academic research facilities.

Collaborative research projects through ARC Linkage Programs

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects scheme provides support for collaborative research and development projects between higher education organisations and industry that aim to acquire new knowledge through innovation. For eligible projects, the Council will award grants in the range of $50,000 to $300,000 per annum. As a minimum, the industry partner’s cash contribution is 20% of the total budget.