Personal Academic Mentor (PAM) Program

Pursuing any of the following degrees? The School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics offers a personal mentoring program for students enrolled in:

For students within our school, this student-focused program is tailored to offer you academic advice on your enrolment, details about scholarships, guidance on your honours year, and career advice. 

As a first-year student, you'll be part of three student consultations during your initial year of study. Here's what to expect:

Week 1 of Autumn session:

  • Connect with an academic adviser from the school.

Discuss the subjects you've chosen, and feel free to ask any questions as you kick off your studies.

Week 1 of Spring session:

  • Follow up on the first meeting.
  • Focus on your first session results and any adjustments made to your enrolment.

Week 13 of Spring session:

  • Concentrate on planning your course.
  • Create a roadmap for the rest of your studies, considering strengths and weaknesses, pre/co-requisites, course rules, and your career intentions.
  • While adjustments can be made to this plan, always make decisions in collaboration with advice from your academic adviser.

Make sure to attend the meeting scheduled for week 13 of Spring session. This session is crucial as it delves into the proposed course plan established during your first year. The discussion aims to tailor the plan according to your individual needs and preferences. Your active participation in this meeting ensures that your academic journey aligns with your unique requirements. 

In your final year of study, attending a PAM meeting is not mandatory, but you're encouraged to reach out to your academic adviser anytime throughout the year if you encounter difficulties or wish to make adjustments to your program of study.

If you have any questions about your program of study, you can also contact your academic program director for assistance. Your academic support team is here to help!

How do I know when my consultation is? 

Look for a message from EIS Engagement in your email account, providing details about your interview date and time and academic adviser.

Unable to attend?

If you cannot attend the scheduled meeting, contact your academic adviser to arrange an alternative meeting time.

Missed the interview?

If you missed your interview and couldn't notify your adviser in time, contact them to reschedule.

Difficulty contacting adviser?

If you're having trouble reaching your adviser, contact EIS Engagement for assistance.

If you have any questions please contact EIS Engagement 

Or the PAM Directors:

Maureen Edwards ( or

Aidan Sims (