About Us

About CCCM

CCCM will generate opportunities for cross-fertilisation of research ideas to produce research excellence of a nature and magnitude that contributes significantly to fulfilling the strategic goals of the Faculty of Business and Law and the University of Wollongong.

Our Vision

CCCM will be a leading research centre dedicated to advancing, applying and promoting theory and practice on cross-cultural and intracultural management in organizations.

Our Mission

CCCM is committed to promoting cross-cultural and intracultural management support to scholars and organizations for research, service and educational activities. The Centre will conduct original research, engage in industry consultation, and promote cross-cultural and intracultural theory and practice to inform scholarship and policy decision-making.

Objective research and consultation are provided through:

  1. Research Excellence: Conducting research with outputs of high quality and impact that enhance the research reputation of the Faculty and University.
  2. Partnership: Establishing and developing research relationships with influential external scholars nationally and internationally, and partnering with external research, business and government groups.

Our Objectives

  • To promote interdisciplinary research into the influence of culture on human relations, work-related outcomes (e.g. performance and innovation), interpersonal experience, and identity construction in organizational settings.
  • To create a space for theoretical and methodological advancement and innovation in cross-cultural and intracultural research by engaging in collaborative discussion on the interplay between culture and human relations, work-related outcomes, experience and identity.
  • To develop research across global and local scales of influence and action concerning the intersection of culture with class, gender, ethnicity, religion, language, sexual orientation, technological and digital revolution, and other emerging macro or micro sites of human interaction.
  • To cultivate scholarly investigations and discussions that will advance the social stock of knowledge about the self in relation to others in shifting cultural contexts of work and organization.