International Internships

Interested in travelling as part of your degree? See a different part of the world, gain valuable work experience AND earn university credit with a one-month internship in either Vietnam or Japan!

The Business Internship Program (BUS 391) has partnered with CRCC Asia to provide UOW students with the life-changing opportunity to complete an internship in Vietnam’s vibrant Ho Chi Minh City! Known as the country’s economic and cultural hub of the south, Ho Chi Minh City is an exciting mix of the old and the new, tradition and innovation. Students can also select an internship in Tokyo, Japan’s energetic capital city. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a global powerhouse of business and innovation. Whilst the Kansai region offers a rich tapestry of experiences, from Osaka's vibrant street food scene and historical landmarks to Kyoto's serene temples and shrines, and Kobe's friendly locals and charming port city atmosphere. Students have the unique opportunity to explore all three cities seamlessly thanks to the region's efficient transportation network.

Why complete an international internship?

  • Gain real-world experience relevant to the increasingly globalised workforce
  • Set yourself apart from other graduates
  • Start building a global network
  • Develop intercultural competencies, independence and resilience
  • Take the opportunity to test drive an international career

Interested, but not sure if you can afford it? Please visit the Financing your overseas study website to check out options that can assist with covering costs associated with an international internship.

Please note that BUS 391 incurs a standard UOW tuition fee that can be deferred to HECS as usual.

Students should contact the Business Internship Team for a consultation about this program. Please send an email to to start the conversation.  

Highlights of CRCC Asia programs

The Program Report outlines student evaluations and feedback including learning outcomes and employability as well as lists future program dates.

Download: the Summer NCP 2022/23 Program Report (3188 KB) Download: the Winter NCP 2023 Program Report (3756 KB)

Forage Virtual Experience Programs

Showcase your skills. Find your career fit. Bite-sized 5-6 hour virtual work experience programs that give students a genuine career advantage with the world's top companies.

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Forage Virtual Experience Programs

"When the unpredictability of covid meant that students like Kirsty in COMM391 at University of Wollongong looked likely to miss out on internships, Jorge Perez, Shamika Almeida and team jumped into action to support their students."

Jeremy Grunfeld
Director of Education Partnerships at Forage

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More about Forage 

"Over the past few months, I was scheduled to complete an internship with KPMG Wollongong, however, the current conditions in Sydney made that impossible.

Alternatively, I have had the opportunity to complete several Forage virtual internships, focusing on the accounting and financial sectors which have provided me insight into various daily activities conducted in daily business processes. "

Kristy Packer
Business Intern

Interested? Get further information

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