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The core purpose of the program is to offer experiential learning opportunities combined with rigorous reflection on globally responsible business practices and innovation practices in the workplace. The application and recruitment process is part of that learning.

Where university meets industry

Our aim is to provide a pathway for our students to link with industry partners, and for industry to access an undiscovered pipeline of innovative, driven and curious students eager to enter the workforce.

Key information

Guide students towards their dream jobs in the following disciplines

  • Accountancy
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Law
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Sport Marketing and Management or Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Business

Although only 20 days, long term relationships are built in shorter time

The internship period is for a total of 20 days. The days may be completed as a block during a university break, or 2 days per week during study session.

The Business Internship runs twice a year. Students enrolled in Autumn session can complete their internship over the Summer break (December – February) or during session. Students enrolled in Spring session can complete their internship over the winter break (June – July) or during session.

UOW arranged internships will be organised by our team.

Expression of interest emails are sent twice a year inviting our partners to log in to Sonia to create the internship briefs. Each potential internship is assessed in terms of the:

  • nature of the Business work environment and the work undertaken
  • time commitments and available staff resources of each organisation
  • viability of working to agreed objectives based on the fundamental aims of the program.

To attain a place within the program, students seeking the Business Internship team to source an internship opportunity must competitively apply in the prior semester and are selected by an interview panel for an internship or project within their business specialisation.

Students who wish to organise their own internship must seek approval and liaise with the Business Internship Team to properly register the details of their proposed internship before commencing the experience. The internship must meet our criteria:

  • Students use their current employment (paid or unpaid); or
  • Arranges an internship with the same employer in another section within the organisation.
  • Student organises their own voluntary or paid practical experience.
  • Student lodges an application for a School of Business-arranged internship experience

Note: Internship needs to be related to their area of study (major/ minor).

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Let us know the internship opportunity and we will match the right student to your business requirements.

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Real experience for your career

Hear Jorge Perez, Manager, Business Internships, talk about how our internship support and process assists students to get the right experience and opportunities to apply their learning within real world practice.

Internships is an add-on to what they learn at the University. We learn theory concepts but we don't necessarily get taste off of the workforce. Once they go into an internship, they're able to put that theory into practice.

The idea is that the internship program that we run on is actually supported by a team at the Faculty of Business. We actually source the opportunities. We know our industry partners. We put students through our recruitment process which is very similar to what they'll face when they go into industry and you know university degree is great but you need that experience.

A lot of recruiters will ask for that two to five year experience. How do you get that as a university student when you are studying? Internships give you that. It's the combination of workplace experience and university degree, combining it and then be able to go to a job interview and say: “yes, I've got the experience you require”.

The learning is in the application

To be eligible for the Business Internship, students must have completed more than half of their Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

There are 3 phases to the application process

Phase 1: If students meet subject pre-requisites, they are required to submit an application

Phase 2: If successful in getting through phase 1, students are required to complete a video interview. Students will be shortlisted for interviews with Industry Partners based on performance in phases 1 & 2.

Phase 3: Industry Partners select appropriate students based on their application and interview performance.

Students selected for an internship will be enrolled into BUS391.

Students are required to follow these procedures to seek approval of a self-sourced internship:

  1. Obtain an internship brief from the proposed internship supervisor, confirming that: 
    a. the internship will be of 20 days duration, indicating the exact dates of the proposed internship period (dates need to coincide with programs timelines) and,
    b. Tasks and projects undertaken during the internship.

  2. Student to send an email to the Business Internship Team via advising the intention to undertake an internship together with the information required.

  3. Our team will provide further instructions including the how to apply through SONIA and final approval.

Partner testimonial

"Novotel Wollongong Northbeach and Oscars Group really value their ongoing relationship the UOW Business Internship program. Over a number of years working together we have hosted students in a range of areas and disciplines in Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing , International Business and Supply Chain Management & Logistics. We find the students to be passionate and motivated. They are always workplace ready and have a positive attitude to learning and gaining experience in a workplace setting.

We’ve had many success stories over the years, with multiple students gaining employment following their internship experience. Most recently, our Human Resources intern, Brianna made such an impact, that we offered her a permanent position within our team, while she was in her final year of study. Since starting with us, Brianna has played in integral role in our new online onboarding platform, helping us transition from a clunky paper based induction process, to a streamlined and professional online process, ensuring our new starters have the best possible integration to our team and a great first impression of the company. Brianna is now our Onboarding Coordinator, assisting with setting up our new starters across the Oscars Group of over 40 assets in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Brianna graduated this month and we couldn’t be more proud of her achievements and progress with our team!"

Chantelle Drolc 
Talent and Culture Manager - Oscars Hotels

Student testimonial

"At the end of 2021 I was contacted to apply for an opportunity through the Business Internship Program (BUS391), this lead to undertaking an internship with Pacific National. Throughout the journey, the internship team (Jorge and Casey) were both extremely helpful and willing to provide feedback to make sure I excelled during the different phases of applying for the internship opportunity. Throughout the application, interview, and time with the organisation both were always a call away, to calm my nerves or discuss ideas, I was supported every step of the way. BUS391 provided me with opportunities required to gain experience and become a valuable team member, all whilst securing a job post internship”.

Liam O’Callaghan
Bachelor of Commerce

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