Seminar and tutorial enrolments

Tutorial enrolments: tutorials, seminars and workshops

Groups and opening times will appear in SOLS a couple of weeks prior to the tutorial opening date. 

Please check your SOLS page regularly to ensure the opening dates and times for your tutorial enrolments are not missed.

2022 tutorial enrolments opening dates



Spring Session

Trimester 3

School of Business


  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Finance 


Tuesday 19 July 2022


School of Business 


  • Management
  • Marketing 
Wednesday 20 July 2022 N/A
School of Business  


  • Economics
  • Operations


Thursday 21 July 2022  

School of Business



Monday 15 August 2022

School of Law

All Years LLB Tuesday 5 July 2022 N/A
 School of Law LAW Tuesday 5 July 2022 Monday 25 July 2022

Business Undergraduate Close date: Thursday 28 July 2022 at 9.00 am 

Business Postgraduate Close date: Monday 19 September 2022

Law Undergraduate Close dates: 

  • Spring Session: Friday, 5 August 2022 at 11.39pm.
  • Trimester 3: Friday, 9 September 2022 at 11.59pm


Please Note:

  1. You must be enrolled in a subject before you can enrol into a tutorial/seminar/workshop.
  2. A “provisional” enrolment status in the subject will still allow you to enrol in the tutorial/seminar/workshop.
  3. SOLS tutorial enrolment system operates on a "first-in" basis.
  4. You will only be able to enrol in ONE tutorial/seminar/workshop for each subject. However, if a subject has for example more than one tutorial that you must attend (ie.Tutorial A, Tutorial B), you must enrol in one of each.
  5. If you wish to change to another tutorial group, you must first withdraw from the tutorial you are currently enrolled in.
  6. Once you have enrolled in your tutorials you can view your selection in SOLS. You are encouraged to check your SOLS and timetable regularly in the event of changes.

Online Tutorial enrolment

If your only choice is to enrol into an online tutorial (or an online tutorial is full) then please contact your subject coordinator(s) outlining the reason why you need to be enrolled into the online tutorial.   If your reason is deemed eligible then you will be enrolled into the online tutorial and you will receive a system notification.

Academic and Professional/Administrative Staff of the Faculty are not able to enrol you into tutorials/seminars/workshops. 


Business and Law Seminar and Tutorial Enrolments - Spring Session 2022


  • Coordinators listed
  • The 24 hour clock is used, e.g. 7.00 pm is recorded as 19:00.

 Good luck with your studies!

Open date: Tuesday 19 July 2022

Close date: Thursday 28 July 2022, 9.00 am 

Tutorial opening times per subject code
Subject Wollongong Coordinator SWS Coordinator Wollongong Tutorial opening time SWS Tutorial opening time
ACCY121 Mrs Hajar Roudaki   19.54  
ACCY122 Doctor Sanja Pupovac Doctor Sanja Pupovac 19.56 20.32
ACCY200 Mrs Kellie McCombie   19.58  
ACCY201 Doctor Erin Twyford Doctor Erin Twyford 20:00 20.34
ACCY228 Doctor Erin Twyford   20.02  
ACCY231 Doctor Kevin Huang Doctor Kevin Huang 20.04 20.36
ACCY312 Doctor Farzana Tanima Doctor Farzana Tanima 20.06 20.38
BALA202 Doctor Steve Tulig   19.18  
BUS 102 Ms Nadia Verrucci Ms Nadia Verrucci 20.08 20:40
BUS 121 Doctor Amir Arjomandi Dr Amir Arjomandi 20:10 20.42
BUS 200 Associate Professor Belinda Gibbons   20.12  
BUS 300 Associate Professor Venkat Yanamandram   NA  
BUS 301 Associate Professor Venkat Yanamandram   NA  
BUS 330 Doctor Kankesu Jayanthakumaran   NA  
BUS 331 Doctor Laura Rook Doctor Laura Rook 20.44 20.46
BUS 391 Associate Professor Shamika Almeida   20.48  
BUS 980/981 Professor Rod Clarke   NA  
BUS 993 Professor Millie Chang   NA  
FIN 111 Doctor Freda Truscott Doctor Freda Truscott 20.14 20:50
FIN 222 Doctor Aelee Jun   20.18  
FIN 223 Doctor Ivy Zhou Doctor Ivy Zhou 20:20 20.52
FIN 226 Mrs Fariba Ahmadi Pirshahid Mrs Fariba Ahmadi Pirshahid 20.22 20.54
FIN 320 Mrs Fariba Ahmadi Pirshahid   20.26  
FIN 322 Doctor Liangbo Ma Doctor Liangbo Ma 20:30 20.56
FIN 329 Mr Ken Whitton   20.28  

Open date: Wednesday 20 July 2022

Close date: Thursday 28 July 2022, 9.00 am

Tutorial opening times per subject code
Subject Wollongong Coordinator SWS Coordinator Wollongong Tutorial opening time SWS Tutorial opening time
MARK101 Doctor Jenny Algie   21.18  
MARK213 Doctor Jenny Algie   21:22  
MARK220 Doctor Mary Papakosmos   19.58  
MARK233 Doctor Michael Mehmet Doctor Michael Mehmet 20:00 20.04
MARK250 Doctor Mercedez Hinchcliff   19.48  
MARK270 Doctor Nadia Zainuddin Doctor Nadia Zainuddin 20.06 20.08
MARK320 Doctor Jenny Algie Doctor Jenny Algie 20.14 20.16
MARK322 Doctor Sue Slowikowski   20.18  
MARK344 Doctor Elias Kyriazis Doctor Elias Kyriazis 20:20 20.22
MGNT102 Mrs Anita Goddard Mrs Anita Goddard 20.24 20.28
MGNT110 Doctor Oriana Price   19.42  
MGNT205 Associate Professor James Reveley Associate Professor James Reveley 20:10 20.12
MGNT206 Doctor Anne Cox Doctor Anne Cox 20:30 20.32
MGNT207 Doctor Betty Frino Doctor Betty Frino 20.34 20.36
MGNT220 Mrs Renee Cunial   20:40  
MGNT311 Doctor Mathew Todres Doctor Mathew Todres 20.42 20.44
MGNT314 Doctor Hui-Ling Wang   20.46  
MGNT321 Doctor Betty Frino Doctor Betty Frino 20.48 21:24
MGNT341 Doctor Hui-Ling Wang   20:50  
MGNT380 Senior Professor Jon Billsberry   NA  


Open date: Thursday 21 July 2022

Close date: Thursday 28 July 2022, 9.00 am

Tutorial opening times per subject code
Subject Wollongong Coordinator SWS Coordinator Wollongong Tutorial opening time SWS Tutorial opening time
ECON100 Associate Professor Rabindra Nepal   20.28  
ECON102 Doctor Tikiri Agalewatte Doctor Tikiri Agalewatte 19:00 20:50
ECON205 Professor Sandy Suardi   20.32  
ECON216 Doctor Kankesu Jayanthakumaran   20.34  
ECON222 Doctor Eduardo Pol   20.36  
ECON251 Doctor Kankesu Jayanthakumaran   20.38  
ECON305 Associate Professor Rabindra Nepal   20:40  
ECON315 Associate Professor Thanh Le   20.42  
ECON318 Doctor Oleg Yerokhin   20.44  
ECON331 Doctor Oleg Yerokhin   20.46  
ECON339 Professor Sandy Suardi Professor Sandy Suardi 20.48 20.52
OPS 113 Doctor Roba Abbas Doctor Roba Abbas 20.52 20.54
OPS 216 Doctor Roba Abbas Doctor Roba Abbas 20.56 20.58
OPS 256 Doctor Jonathan Mackay   21:00  
OPS 309 Associate Professor Matt Pepper   21.02  
OPS 350 Doctor Adrian Tootell   21.04  

Students are reminded to please check this web page prior to the opening times set out below as information may change.

Opening Date:

  • Spring Session Tuesday, 5 July 2022
  • Trimester 3 Monday, 25 July 2022

The last day to enrol in a seminar will be:

  • Spring Session: Friday, 5 August 2022 at 11:39pm.
  • Trimester 3: Friday, 9 September 2022 at 11:59pm 

For further information please email:

Upper Years Core Subjects by campus

Subject Code

WOL Time

SWS Time




























Upper Years Electives by campus

WOL Subject codes WOL Time SWS Subject codes SWS Time
LLB3306/LLB3906/LAW 306 20:06 LLB3306/LAW 306 20:08
LLB3321/LLB 321/LAW 321 20:12 N/A N/A
LLB3323/LLB 323/LAW 323 19:16 N/A N/A
LLB3331/LLB 331/LAW 331 20:14 N/A N/A
LLB3334/LLB 334 20:16 N/A N/A
LLB3335/LLB 335/LAW 335 20:18 N/A N/A
LLB3339/LLB 339 20:20 N/A N/A
LLB3341/LLB 341 20:22 N/A N/A
LLB3343/LLB 343/LAW 343 20:26 N/A N/A
LLB3351/LLB 351 20:28 N/A N/A
LLB3358/LLB 358 20:30 N/A N/A
LLB3388/LLB 388 19:18 N/A N/A
LLB3389/LLB 389 20:32 N/A N/A

LAW Subjects by campus

WOL Subject codes WOL Time Other campuses
LAW 315 19:10 N/A
LAW 344/LAW 381 19:12 N/A
LAW960* 20:36 SYD: 20:38

*Offered in Trimester 3 

Timetable and tutorial enrolment process

For a step-by-step guide on enrolling in classes, please watch the UOW timetable and tutorial enrolment video which will walk you through the process. If you are experiencing issues and require specific Faculty advice, please refer to the Tutorial Problem web page for Faculty information.

Tutorial and Class Enrolment

So, it's your first session at UOW. Once you've enrolled in your degree, it's time to make your timetable.

The first step is to find out when classes are on. It is really important to make sure you will have no clashes when creating your timetable.

To find your subject requirements, log into SOLS, select ‘timetable’ and then select ‘subject timetable’. It is important to check the opening times for your tutorial enrolments. Opening dates and times are different for each subject. To check the times, select the ‘enrolment menu’, then ‘tutorial enrolment’ in the left hand SOLS menu.

Closer to the start of session, your subjects will appear in a table under the ‘my timetable’ menu. If there is nothing displayed on this page a week before session, you will need to check your faculty central web page for information regarding your tutorials.

This table shows the opening times for each subject. Tutorials fill up quickly, so it's important to be prepared and ready at the tutorial opening times. Before tutorials are available to enrol in, they will be green. When they open they will be yellow. If tutorials are full, they will be pink.

You may not get the first choice you were hoping for, so you may need to select another option.

Once you find your preferred available class in yellow click on it to make your selection, then click ‘enrol now’. When you have successfully enrolled in a tutorial, it will appear in ‘my timetable’.

If you need more help, you can click on ‘familiarise yourself with this process’, which will take you to a range of FAQs.