Access current versions of our annual inpatient and ambulatory reports, outcome benchmarks and impairment specific reports, and our national and sector benchmarks for calendar and financial years.


The Annual AROC Report: the State of Rehabilitation aims to provide a summary of outcomes in rehabilitation in any given year.

The AROC Impairment Specific Reports are generated each calendar year for a number of impairments. The Orthopaedic Replacements, Stroke, Reconditioning and Orthopaedic Fractures reports compare YOUR FACILITY’s data to your NATIONAL data (Australia or New Zealand). The Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury reports compare YOUR FACILITY’s data to data from all other Australian and New Zealand specialist BI or SCI services, and to aggregated data from non-specialist services. Each Impairment Specific Report is structured as a series of chapters. Each report presents an overall big picture chapter on the impairment followed by a chapter looking at FIM item scoring. An outcomes analysis chapter follows with an explanatory data chapter at the end. Facility specific reports are only generated for facilities with 20 or more complete episodes discharged in the reporting period, or in the case of BI and SCI, for all specialist services. Other interested services can view the ANYWHERE HOSPITAL version of these reports:


The benchmarks for the most recent two years can be found below. View the Archive Reports and Benchmarks page.

National and sector benchmarks by AN-SNAP class are published every calendar and financial year for Australian and New Zealand data. In Calendar Year 2014 AROC introduced benchmarks specific for brain dysfunction and spinal cord dysfunction.

In the Calendar Year 2015 AROC updated the benchmarks to include AN-SNAP class V4 and AN-SNAP class V3.

AROC undertakes analysis by AN-SNAP class (V4) (rather than just impairment) to control the impact that variation in client case-mix has over the length of stay (LOS) and FIM change. In producing Benchmark LOS and FIM Change, controlling for variation in case-mix is essential, thus we are now only providing LOS and FIM change benchmarks by AN-SNAP class. If you are interested in obtaining impairment level data, please contact AROC.